China Unicom reservations for new iPhones pass 100,000 units as Apple prepares to ship iPhones to China Mobile

“China Unicom Ltd., the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier, said online reservations for Apple Inc.’s new iPhone 5C and 5S have passed 100,000 units since the devices were unveiled last week,” Bloomberg News reports. “China Unicom, which announced the volume of registrations on its official account with Sina Corp.’s Weibo microblog, hasn’t disclosed pricing plans for the handsets which are due to go on sale Sept. 20.”

“A China Telecom monthly plan costing 289 yuan ($47) for the iPhone 5S carries a subsidy of 2,890 yuan, 15 percent less than the 3,400 yuan for the iPhone 5 on the same plan, according to Yip. Jacky Yung, a Hong Kong-based spokesman for China Telecom, declined to comment on Yip’s estimates,” Bloomberg News reports. “‘Generally, the higher monthly iPhone 5S/5C tariff plan or a longer contract period a subscriber chooses, the higher handset subsidy the subscriber could enjoy,’ Yung said in an e-mail today. China Telecom requires a downpayment of 4,488 yuan for any plan with a 16-gigabyte iPhone 5C, and 5,288 yuan for the 5S, the carrier said on its website. The handset is free for buyers on a two-year contract with a minimum monthly plan of 329 yuan for the 5C or 389 yuan for the 5S as the price is refunded against monthly usage, according to the website.”

“China Mobile Ltd., the nation’s largest phone company, doesn’t have a distribution agreement with Apple for the iPhone,” Bloomberg News reports. “Cupertino, California-based Apple is close to securing a deal with China Mobile and is preparing to ship iPhones to the carrier, a person with knowledge of the matter said earlier this month.”

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    1. I think at some point shareholders need to realize that Apple’s value has been sucked out of it by Samsung and the general flood of Android smartphones. Nearly 100% of the market is green and Apple is down big in garish red. I know there will be plenty of excuses as to why but I’d still say that Wall Street is punishing Tim Cook because they know they can get away with it. Some Apply loyalists say that they’re happy Apple’s P/E ratio is so low, but since it just keeps getting lower, what’s the big deal of that. Google is back close to $900 a share. Priceline should soon break $1000 a share. Amazon is over $300 a share. Where is Apple? Heading back to $450 as quickly as possible. As a shareholder, it’s not a pretty sight to see. It’s plain to see how Apple is failing to do what it needs to do to get worthwhile investors on board.

      1. Apple knows its customers are the people who buy their products, not Wall Street. Apple’s stock would soar if only they’d make a cheap “iPhone.” But Apple won’t make cheap shit. Wall Street “punished” Steve Jobs, too.

        1. So friggin stupid at this point. Apple needs a variety of phones for a variety of customers and a variety of needs. Wall street will ride the Apple machine up or down, they will invest if they see markets growing with great products, This is Econ 101, and excuses don’t fly.. NON of their phones have any CLEAR advantage to an Android phone in the eyes of the average customer. It also seems clear that Apple does NOT care about their investors, or being dominant in any market vs being “the best” in a small market. BMW is not GM in it’s heyday,, Perhaps a great car, but not the best place to invest. Is that smart for Apple? I dont think so. We Apple OS users have been waiting 30 years to be the industry standard for all apps. Office, Accounting Audio, Photo, Video, Education, Enterprise, more.. Apple doesn’t even advertise. I Wish for the days of “I’m a PC and I’m a Mac”.. at least it FELT like they were gunning for something. Apple has Sept 2012 tech for sale as Macbook Pro’s for back to school. WTF is that??? COOOOL last years computer.. Christ, See the same processors in $699 computers in Costco… Also, Apple is NOT giving their customer what they want.. I talk to Samsung fans and they LOVE, (and I would TOO) to be able to have a removable Flash storage in the phone, bigger screen, etc etc ad nauseum to list anymore.. Big Event summary.. Apple releases no new products…

    1. But the pre-orders are only for the 5C… which is essentially last year’s five. Comparing this year’s 5C with last year’s 5 for pre-orders is disingenuous but I’m sure it gets the stock to be driven down because a lot of people don’t realize the numbers that are waiting for the iPhone 5S.

      I suspect the iPhone 5C will accelerate in sales once it gets out into the wild. The colors and build quality will be seen first-hand.

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