AAPL drops as Apple’s silence on iPhone 5c pre-sale number causes worry among investors

“Shares of AAPL stock were off nearly $12, or more than 2.5 percent, Monday morning,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “Market watchers believe negative sentiment may stem from the fact that Apple did not publish a press release touting preorders for the iPhone 5c, which became available to pre-purchase last Friday.”

“Apple didn’t announce presale figures for the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS,” Hughes reports. “But starting with the iPhone 4 in 2010, the company has boasted new record preorder numbers every year.”

Hughes reports, “However, this year also marks the first time Apple is launching two new iPhone models: the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s… As such, the iPhone 5c may not be as appealing to early adopters who are likely to want Apple’s latest and greatest model, the iPhone 5s.”

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  1. Well, if Apple DID report some numbers, someone would be disappointed in them and the stock would drop anyway. May as well just give them nothing but stoney silence, let the stock drop, then ridicule them in hindsight.

    1. … numbers SUPPOSED to be “weak”? Apple expects this to be their “cheap” iPhone 5, though far from “cheap”. More like “a smaller step forward”. It is the combination between the 5S and the 5C that is supposed to amaze. The 4? That’s for trailing edge guys like me to feel good about.

  2. Seeing that Tim Cook was no slouch in announcing the potential sale of 700 million iOS devices in the coming month at the iPhone launch, Apple’s silence on the uptake of iPhone 5C sounds ominous. I would have thought that Tim would be the first to stand in front of a megaphone if iPhone 5C pre-orders were through the roof.

        1. Some one said BLN is a psychotic whore. I agree no answer is needed for a born idiot. His brains are in his balls as names himself. Leave him alone. More you answer, more idiotic he gets. He is a sick man with too much of time in his hands.

      1. Facts and logic have no place in BLN’s reality. (nor the bevy of trolls that now knee-jerk affirm his every post.)

        BLN has sadly been off the meds for quite some time.

          1. I have your idiot hanging but that is besides the point.

            What you said “potential sale of 700 million iOS devices in the coming month” means that Apple would possibly sell 700 million iOS devices in the coming month. That is a world of difference from selling the “700 millionth” device.

            700 million is a means just that. 700 million.

            700 millionth is a sum total.

            So take your head out of the place your left nut used to be.

          1. Yes! translated as follows:-

            Jambo! Jina langu ni Tim Cook,

            Nina taka kuku ambia habari ya iPhone mpia ina itwa iPhone 5c na 5s!

            Enda kwa duka ya Apple inc ku nunua iPhone yako mpia saa hi!!!

            My pleasure as always to fullfil your needs BLN!!!

            I have to say that the hiatus you took has helped come back to MDN on top form with all guns blazing as the devil’s advocate. We sure do need one from time to time to spice up the posts on this site!

            Keep blogging BLN, the more controversial you can get, the greater you induce bloggers to burf their two cents worth.

        1. Some one said BLN is a psychotic whore. I agree. No answer is needed for a born idiot. His brains are in his balls as names himself. Leave him alone. More you answer, more idiotic he gets. He is a sick man with too much of time in his hands.

          1. 700 milliion is radically different than 700 millionth. My 500 million was a guestimate based on a google search a month ago and is in line with them selling their 700 millionth device in the next month.

            Far different and much more accurate than your claim of selling 700 million in the next month.

            1. ahhhh… wooly headed… I get it…

              waffling… whatever. Go ahead and try to change the focus.

              700 million in the next month is radically different in selling the 700 millionth in the next month, whether my guess was right or not.

            2. ahhhhhh… wooly headed.. i get it know.

              My guess of 500 million was just that, a guess that was off.

              Your STUPID statement that he said 700 million would be sold in the next month just reflects your stupidity. If and I guess that is a stretch, you could understand plain English, your source clearly says 700 MILLIONth in the next month, as in CUMULATIVE AMOUNT. Try to keep up. The short bus is there for a reason.

          2. Re “No, check yours”

            More important than the facts or the interpretations of the facts is that Nut is swearing and name-calling more. So what he says must obviously be more valid. Right?

        1. Thanks for keeping it classy and fact-based. BLN.
          CitizenX, 2dales, grow up.

          To the topic: Apple should indeed ignore Wall Street, work on continued product intros, and fix the easy things they can change — like a more legible iOS7 font option, superior and reasonably-priced iPhone accessories, Retina resolution across the entire product range of iOS and Mac devices, etc.

          Sadly, I would not be surprised to see Tim capitulate under pressure from his Wall Street puppetmasters.

  3. Apple will not announce pre-sale amounts until iPhone 5S numbers are in.

    Otherwise, it’s just fodder for the press. The iPhone 5C is last year’s phone. When the iPhone 5 came out, they didn’t do pre-sales of the iPhone 4S, nor did they announce numbers. Apple is being consistent in that regard.

    Of course, the initial sales of the iPhone C aren’t going to be stellar! It’s not out in the wild yet and people don’t know what to expect. Early adopters will almost invariably get the iPhone 5S. The fashion phone people want to see the phone in real life first.

  4. When was the last time Apple announced pre-release numbers. If memory serves me correctly, Apple won’t announce any thing until after the the actual sale. Next Monday.

  5. I just noticed almost all of the 5c colors/sizes listing as shipping Sept 25. That says to me fairly good order volume but Apple may have intended to release consolidated numbers of the 5s and 5c to not let Anal-ists have the detail.

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