Why Apple remains the king of mobile

“The tech world’s attention will turn to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. Tuesday, where the company is rumored to debut the enhanced high-end iPhone 5S and the lower-cost iPhone 5C,” John Gaudiosi writes for Fortune.

“‘The loyalty of Apple users is at stake, both the geeks as well as regular consumers,’ said Peter Warman, founder of research firm Newzoo,” Gaudiosi writes. “That’s because the impending launch of iOS 7 will impact users of older iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. These consumers will be forced to upgrade to a new device because an increasing number of apps or updates no longer will work on the older operating systems.”

Gaudiosi writes, “Warman said Apple is currently the only company in the mobile business with the ‘holy trinity of successful hardware, operating system, and content store’ …Warman said developers flock to, and stick with, Apple because of its superior reach of paying gamers. Apple devices tend to be owned by more affluent households, for example. Consumers stick with Apple because of the number of exclusive games available on iOS. This ecosystem creates a positive feedback loop for Apple… While a refresh will play an important role for Apple, the company is certainly in the driver’s seat in the mobile game. And innovation in new hardware will only help the company that Steve Jobs built.”

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    1. The article is about Apple’s dominance in mobile gaming, not really about Apple’s place in mobile. The quoted analyst was talking about games and the loyalty of gamers, not about apps and consumers in general.

        1. I certainly can’t blame you for leaping at conclusions, as I too frowned—until I recalled that Newzoo specialised in analysing games worldwide. Only then did I pause to actually RTFA.

          IMHO, this is a sterling example of clickbait—not only “inadvertantly” doctoring the headline but also paring away much of the context, as if someone had butchered a Kubrick film by stripping out the establishing shots.

          (Demonstrates that MDN has advanced beyond journeyman status in the woolly Internet biz)

  1. I’ve had all the iPhones from the 3G up apart from the iPhone 5 , and if tomorrow the 5s or 5c is announced without a bigger screen I won’t stick with apple ill be getting an android phone ,nothing to do with apps ,they won’t tie me down.apple build really good phones that last but I’m older now and need to see what I’m looking at on the screen ,don’t care about using it one handed.

    1. Your choice. However, there are many factors besides just display dimensions that impact readability. In addition, pinch to zoom can be useful.

      Eventually you should consider getting reading glasses or you may eventually be toting around a Samsung Note III.

    2. Been nice knowin’ yeah John. You’ll get your larger iPhone wish next year, but, too late. WE’LL be enjoying those though while you’re still cursing up a blue streak at your (2 year plan) ghetto blaster Faustian bargain Android phone. All the very malware best to yah.

    3. My wife is an optometrist. She simply has people increase the font size on their smartphones so they don’t have to buy reading glasses.

      A larger screen that goes dark when the battery dies after a couple of hours won’t help you read it.

      1. No doubt the tipoff was the claimed ownership of almost every iPhone model combined with atrocious punctuation, inconsistent capitalisation, and being so old he must use two hands rather than squint at a tiny screen. Did he suddenly get too old after his iPhone 4S with the retina screen? Even with an astigmatism, I was able to read text on that without glasses. I call BS.

          1. I’m not really familiar with that character, sorry. No, my avatar is a toss to the wild hair in my family, little more. I’d expect an Electro to be more disheveled, due to static 🙂

  2. The article says “Apple launches products first, now they are coming in second or third”.

    That’s inaccurate as misleading into their rather weak arguments. Almost all of Apple’s successful products “re-defined” (or actually just did it right) a category where the existing vendors were failing to deliver a great experience to their users : MP3 players, Phones, Tablets. Apple was NOT first to launch any of these products, they just made people forget the crap that was out there as if nothing existed before.

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