Following Steve Jobs’ game plan, Apple’s Tim Cook to kick off year of ‘wow’ with colorful, low-cost iPhones

“Investor Michael Obuchowski believes Apple is following through on the game plan dreamed up by former CEO Steve Jobs: Introduce a must-have gadget every three to four years that moves Apple into a new industry, and then update that device annually with just enough new features to convince the Apple faithful to trade up,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Forbes. “Add lower-cost models and distribution partners over time.”

“If Apple sticks to the plan, CEO Tim Cook will unveil sleeker, colorful new versions of the iPhone at the company’s Cupertino, California, headquarters tomorrow,” Guglielmo reports. “He’s also expected to add a low-cost iPhone for cost-conscious buyers — especially those in emerging markets where there’s burgeoning demand —and finally announce a deal to sell the iPhone through China Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile carrier with some 700 million subscribers.”

Guglielmo reports, “After that, Apple will likely update the iPad mini, finally fronting its smaller-sized tablet with a high-definition Retina display. It may also refresh Apple TV, revising the hardware for its set-top TV box sometime soon after updating the software… Cook, who was hired by Jobs in 1998 as Apple’s operations chief, has pretty much spelled out the company’s rollout plan. He’s been telling investors for months to expect ‘amazing’ new products in the fall and ‘across’ 2014. That makes tomorrow’s iPhone event the kick-off an innovation spree by which Cook will be judged a worthy successor to Steve Jobs — or not.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As usual, MacDailyNews will be covering Apple’s special event live tomorrow (link coming soon).

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  1. Excitement tomorrow – letdown Wednesday – questions about why Apple has lost its WOW – Friday. A week from today when nothing significant has happened with AAPL, more talk about Tim Cook’s future. We are getting there! One ridiculous small step at a time but we are getting there.

    1. If WOW is just colors, then that would be another “that sucks” like we would get from Samsung. I believe there is more. However, the big China Mobile may not be announced until the next day at the China presentation. With it, I would like to hear the Hong Kong server farm (and others) are up and running.

      I would also like to here the shipping date on the new Mac Pros soon. Timmy upgraded almost everything last year and screwed up the iMac shipments. People and corporations need to know when the Mac Pros will be available. Start taking orders soon Tim or loose the last quarter opportunity again!

  2. “Just Wait.”
    – New Apple slogan
    I’m curious but not excited about tomorrow’s announcements. The same hardware, the same screen, the same camera lens, the same, the same. I seriously hope all these rumors are not true. They’re not banking on different colors to provide the serious lift we know they all need. No way. There’s got to be a show of strength in the innovation department. Jony Ive fooling around with pastel colors and fonts and making the heavy and old iPhone case gold is not going to generate much excitement. A fingerprint sensor is a step in the right direction but the rumors about everything else have been deflating. There will not be any updated products released in 2013 except these small changes expected in the iPhone tomorrow. By the time the updated iPads are introduced in February Apple will be a shadow of what it was while Steve was with us.

    I want something bold and unexpected from them tomorrow and everything posted here on MDN points to that not happening.

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