Apple’s iPhone 5S Fingerprint authentication to boost mobile commerce, corporate adoption

“Wells Fargo on Wednesday raised its projected price range for Apple stock, citing expectations that the company will become more flexible with its carrier partners, and that the anticipated inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the ‘iPhone 5S’ will drive up adoption rates among consumer and corporate markets,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Maynard Um boosted his price range for shares of AAPL to between $525 and $575, as he high expectations for Apple’s acquisition of AuthenTec, which is expected to result in a fingerprint sensor included in the company’s so-called ‘iPhone 5S,'” Hughes reports. “‘As consumers increasingly rely on mobile devices to transact and store personal data, a reliable device-side authentication solution may become a necessity,’ he said. Um also sees a fingerprint sensor driving sales in the enterprise market, as corporations are likely to see the benefits of strong security measures.”

Hughes reports, “While Um sees the “5S’ increasing Apple’s gross margins, a new mid-tier, multi-colored ‘iPhone 5C’ is also expected to open up new market opportunities for Apple.”

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  1. So how long will it take Samsung and others to add fingerprint reading? Two or three months? I doubt this is hard to do. I plan to turn that feature off on my 5S unless there is a second way to turn it on. It is a complexity I do not need at this point.

    1. Exactly how complex an operation is touching a particular place on a smartphone?
      Do you have issues with other complex actions, like breathing, for example, or picking up an Oreo and putting it in your mouth?
      How about going to the can?
      Really! (Rolls eyes).

      1. I did not say I could not do it. I just think it may not work. Like for example when one is wearing gloves. So how will my wife answer my phone like she does when I am driving? I just do not think it is very useful at rhis point in time.

        1. Apple bought very specific patents (along with developer), which allow reliably recognize fingerprints and under skin thermal landscape.

          This is very much patented, so others will not be able immediately to replicate that.

        2. Apple also has an option (recent patent or patent application) which allows answer/make a call without authentication, if an option is set to allow that.

          Apple is up on this stuff. Everyone at Apple uses an iPhone. That is probably more than you can say at Samsung or Google for their phones.

          1. I had to call apple care and the tech told me she was using a samsung S4. When I asked why she said that’s what she had before she was hired at apple.
            I thought they would give all their employees an iPhone but apperantly that’s not the case.

      2. I have a problem with fingerprints. I hardly have them and it is most difficult to even have them taken when necessary. I had a fingerprint scanner to open my iMac and it hardly ever worked.

    2. No one has been able to do this technology properly and reliably for years.

      Apple will revolutionize security standards for all government, financial and other relevant industries and applications. This will set and reinvent the standard once again.

      1. So what. The police and any hacker will just use that same device that circumvents passwords and access all your data. Apple needs to fix that otherwise consumers have no reason to believe in security. That means keep governments out and not sellout.

          1. You’re an idiot if you think that technology will mean a damn thing against the police’s iPhone hacking box. If the police have that ability, then all the wrong people will as well. You’re an idiot because you’re either clueless or in denial, and because you’re rude.

      2. If they do this right and also create a payment service, this could be a KA-boom (not simply a mere “boom” like we’re used to). As in this could be one of the biggest products Apple has ever launched.

    3. Typing passwords is complicated, especially on a small touch screens. One touch identification seems much simpler to me – not sure why you would dismiss that as more complexity.

      Samsung will probably slap one a device, but I would be surprised it ends up being as reliable and hassle-free as Apple’s. Making a fingerprint reader work well is critical, and I bet it takes time and effort.

    4. Unbelievable. You doubt that it’s hard to do? You should try it. But make one that reads the print from UNDER the skin, and allows only a living finger. It’s going to take Samsung a lot longer to copy that, if ever.

          1. I really like that plan because it sounds so exciting with all those positives and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of risk involved unless some war breaks out overseas. I’d love any plan that kills Apple’s constant volatility and can put a bottom under the share price. They make it sound so easy. As a shareholder, I’m in if they need my vote.

    5. And about your wife answering your calls … I’m betting that there will be a setup item that allows you to record more than one of your fingers to activate the phone. Probably several, and one of them could be your wife’s.

      1. Betting on a feature? I guess what you say could be true, but then isn’t the security just like no fingerprint device? I am waiting to hear Apple’s take. But I will get a 5S day one. Actually my new car links to my 5 just fine. Do not need the wife anymore. Well, for that anyway.

    6. I would definitely think the fingerprint sensor will be immediately copied by rivals if it becomes successful for Apple. I hope Apple holds an awful lot of patents in regards to this area. Samsung will easily reverse-engineer the hardware but it might be harder to duplicate the function if the patents take away the practicality of using it.

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