Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Due to Labor Day, a U.S. holiday, the NASDAQ is closed.

MacDailyNews will return in full force tomorrow, Tuesday, September 3rd.

The calm before the storm is soon to end with Apple expected to send out invites to special media event(s) within days!

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    1. Anymore, that seems to be the case.

      Bash Obama, drone on about stocks.

      Ironically, today mac daily celebrates the workers holiday. The same workers they can’t resist slamming every day.

        1. What would Apple do with Nokia?
          MSFT can run it into the round much faster and more efficiently – and Apple doesn’t need to spend a penny!
          That has really been their script for the last decade(s): wait, recluse and toil in the workshop to polish the next product – and see the competitors drifting down the river, dead.

  1. Hijacking this stale thread…


    “There is also talk that Elop is in the running to replace Microsoft’s outgoing chief executive Steve Ballmer, though no official statements were offered on that front.”

    That’s exactly what I speculated back when Elop went to Nokia: Topped out his career move internally, so go run Nokia into the ground and get bought by Microsoft to return home to the mothership. And now with Ballmer out, Elop would be perfect! Just look at his record with Nokia!

  2. Always amuses me how anything left-wing, or even slightly left-of-centre gets hammered on here as being communist, yet Americans celebrate Labor Day, which seems to be an overtly left-wing (communist) concept.

  3. I fear for the workers if we take the stupid road and bomb Syria. One thing for sure that will happen is gas prices will skyrocket, whether or not they supply any oil is irrelevant. This is not in our country’s national interest. DON’T do it, Obama. And I find it totally hypocritical of him to even suggest it. Is Obama becoming a republican? Amazing.

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