Apple’s iPhone share expands to 43% of U.S. smartphone market

“The newest report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows the iPhone with a 43.4 percent share of the United States market for the three months ending in July,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“That represents a 7.8 percentage point increase over the same period from a year ago. The United States, according to Kantar’s numbers, remains Apple’s strongest market, though the iPhone saw identical growth in Great Britain, where it jumped 7.8 points year-over-year to take a 31.1 percent share,” Bostic reports. “Apple’s year-over-year growth in the United States came almost entirely at the expense of Google’s Android platform. Android, which still powers a majority of smartphones in the U.S., saw its share shrink by 7.6 points [to 51.1%].”

Bostic reports, “Over the past several quarters, the iPhone has consistently proved the most popular handset at each of the United States’ largest carriers. In the last quarter, the iPhone accounted for 51 percent of smartphone sales at Verizon, more than half at AT&T, a sizable portion of sales at Sprint, and 29 percent of T-Mobile’s gross customer additions and upgrade smartphone sales.”

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      1. Indeed that is US only. However, I would argue that the trend that is swinging share back to iPhone in the US will eventually reach other parts of the world as well. Especially with the introduction of the lower cost iPhone, which will be a game changer in countries without carrier subsidies.

  1. • Ah, it’s the old “Android, the platform,” vs “iPhone, the device” trick.
    • Ah yes! If only he’d used his analytics for niceness instead of evil!
    Pundits need to get smart… 😆

    1. I picture an epic sword fight, in which the swashbuckling hero takes on a horde of attackers, initially pressed back by their sheer numbers; thrusting, blocking, and parrying untiringly; and at last, through superior footwork and tactics, dispatching the miscreants one by one.

      Doubtless, the poison pen of a Cardinal Richelieu will portray such a defeat as piffling, one isolated to a particular arrondissement; satisfied that all the rest remain comfortably in his iron grip.

  2. If true, this is quite telling. Over the past three years there have been a lot of Android activations. Android has some superficial appeal, low cost phones, large screen, etc, but after a couple of years with it I could see people just wanting to get back to quality stuff that just works.

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