Apple limits iWork for access due to ‘overwhelming response’

“Apple is now limiting access to its iWork for iCloud beta, citing an ‘overwhelming response’ to the iCloud-enabled productivity suite,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“The new restrictions on access to the iWork beta appear to stretch across the entire productivity suite, with Pages, Keynote, and Numbers all informing users of the aforementioned ‘overwhelming response,'” Bostic reports. “Users are asked to “check back soon” on when the service might become available for them, and in the meantime, they are still able to store presentations on iCloud. ”

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    1. It’s beta, but I’m sure opening it up to everyone gave them an idea of what kind of server load they would have to deal with, so as annoying as that may be, it’s better than having the service tank when it goes live.

  1. It would be nice if iWork could be improved before apple does this, it’s still not a professional application. I would love to abandon excel and PowerPoint if only apple would give the features lacking Microsoft has, typical apple do more be fore doing it the best possible way. Arg! If only I could run that thing called apple!

    1. On the contrary for most people it does all that is necessary. Don’t judge professional needs by our own specialist ones, there is nothing in Office especially Word that I need that is not offered in iWork and that’s true for the majority in my profession.

    2. You compare Keynote to PowerPoint??!! You’ve got to be kidding. I’m a professional training facilitator. I’ve been using Keynote for almost 10 years in front of large and small audiences from North America to Australia and Europe.

      PowerPoint simply doesn’t come close to Keynote. Period. End of discussion.

      You sir, don’t know wtf you’re talking about.

    3. I would love to abandon … PowerPoint if only apple would give the features lacking Microsoft has… ”

      This doesn’t even make sense. PP needs to add functionality to become even close to Keynote.

      If you really think PP is better, I really can’t take the rest of your comments seriously.

      1. I think Apple should completely eliminate the public Beta program, crawl back under its hole, hide its head, provide no press releases, remain utterly silent, and offer no information about upcoming projects.

        Oh… Wait.. They got SLAMMED for secrecy and lambasted for not “leaking” what’s coming…

        Damn it… Can’t win..

  2. My wife edits newsletters as a volunteer for several nonprofits. She used Pagemaker because neither she nor her clients could justify the expenditure for InDesign or Quark. New iMac, new MacOS, no Rosetta, so she shifted to IWork Pages. It had almost everything she needed in a page layout program. She bought iWork for her iPad and was shocked that Pages had no page layout features–it converts documents into word processing mode. You might as well do a newsletter in TextEdit. IWorks for iCloud is currently a crippled version of the iOS version; there is no indication that it will EVER have the MacOS missing features. Since the Mac version hasn’t been updated in years, I wonder if it ever will be. Is this iWeb all over again, with the iCloud version simply displacing the far more capable Mac program?

  3. Years ago we moved from MS Office to iWork. Both programs have their advantages. Our office much prefers iWork on the Mac.

    iWork in iCloud, iPad, iPhone does not have anywhere near the features of the Mac version, so for us those three platforms for iWork is quite limited. iWork for iCloud, for iPad, and for iPhone, need to be on par with with the standalone Mac version.

  4. Mobile Me Part Deux?

    Or just a vain attempt to chase Google Docs, a product that is as irrelevant now as when it was claimed it could “replace” complete locally-run office software?

    Update iWork first, then play around with hobbled online software later!

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