The star of Apple’s new – and old – iPhones and iPads: Jony Ive’s iOS 7

“Apple’s new iPhone, expected next month, is grabbing headlines. But many of the most significant upgrades and improvements will benefit millions of owners of older models, too,” Aaron Pressman reports for Yahoo Finance.

“The rumored “iPhone 5S” may have a faster processor and better camera but it will also be running Apple’s new iOS 7 software,” Pressman reports. “And the software can be installed on the last three iPhones, going back to 2010’s iPhone 4, along with every iPad but the original.”

Pressman reports, “That means a lot more people can share in the improvements. Instead of just the 10 million or 20 million people who buy the iPhone 5S in its opening weeks, hundreds of millions of owners of older iPhones and iPads will also be able to use iOS 7. It also means many more companies – not just phone makers such as Samsung and Nokia – could be hurt by competition from Apple. Online music service Pandora Media will suffer if users defect en mass to Apple’s new iTunes Radio.”

MacDailyNews Take: After using iTunes Radio all summer, our prediction for Pandora: Pain.

“Some iOS 7 features are incredibly simple but extremely helpful, such as a new control pane that appears with a finger dragged up from the bottom of the screen. The pane gives quick access to frequently needed controls, such as turning Bluetooth and Wifi on and off, which used to be buried layers deep in the settings app,” Pressman reports. “Developer Marcus Zarra, running a pre-release version of iOS 7, says he uses the control center constantly. ‘Easy access to music, alarms and other control features is a great time saver,’ says Zarra, who writes for the ‘Cocoa is My Girlfriend’ blog and co-founded app maker Empirical Development.”

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        1. I know: Integrity is such a nuisance. After reading through 21 pages of terms and conditions for installing and using the developer previews all Apple asked for was your word that you would abide by those terms. And it’s just silly of the lawyers not to have thought ahead and exempted you from that portion of your agreement with Apple wherein you accepted the restriction that you not discuss the software outside of Apple’s developer forums! Seriously, you like the preview software and are excited about it, so why shouldn’t you be allowed to defend it on the Internet?

          Because you said you wouldn’t.

          That’s why.

          Unless, of course: a) your word is worthless or b) you torrented an illegal copy….

  1. When Audible finally updates its app to run on iOS 7, it will be ideal. I’m so used to iOS 7 now, I couldn’t go back now either. Coming to the end of my 4S contract, so am looking forward to updating to 5S. These naysayers who complain that the 5S won’t be different enough from the 5 don’t take into account how many are still using an iPhone 4 or 4S. We are ready to update.

      1. Hey, you guys obviuously didn’t hear that BLN is in the running to replace the real BLN by next year! Seriously!

        He’s just starting to ramp up his Apple-bashing technique to help his prospects so don’t give too much credence to his trash-talking iOS 7.

        He’ll be sportin’ a brand-spankin-new Microsoft phone real soon! And wait ’till you see his press conferences!

    1. The BLN idiot talks crap … yet again. Has he tried iOS 7?

      I’m using it, and sure it still has some bugs in it … but … Tim Cook’s move to put Jonny Ive in charge of the overall feel of the iOS has been nothing short of brilliant.

      BLN – in a few months your stupid and inane comments will sound even more hollow.

      And about your stupid name – when Steve Ballmer actually leaves Microsoft, does that mean that you’ll retire too?

    2. i respect BLN view and comment.

      the design direction and feature functions of iOS7 appear to be derived from the competitors – if at all fair to say there are any competitors.

      they all have stolen plenty of Apple ip – its time Apple does the same – however, keep in mind, the jailbrake community offered the iOS platform these type of features to Apple before or at the same Android offered them – so whos to say

      yet BLN is right, iOS7 is messed up – these features and design choices — do not better the simplicity of learning or using iOS

  2. I am due to upgrade in January 2014, cannot wait for iOS7.

    I might upgrade to a 5 (currently using a 4S), I’m guessing the price of the 5 will drop with the release of the 5S/C/6.

    The other great thing to remember is even if I decide to stick with my 4S I can still upgrade to iOS 7 and enjoy all it has to offer. I cannot wait!!!

  3. New features, usability, and function sound fine. Only if you can get beyond the totally sissified look and feel that is transparently a tribute to Jony’s boss. I’m going to follow MDN’s recommendation and put everything in folders so nobody can see those girly icons. As soon as Tim is gone surely we can go back to something not embarrassing. That’s what I can’t wait for.

      1. Assuming that you’re right, that it is feminine looking, what’s wrong with that? Are you so insecure in your masculinity that you feel threatened by the user interface on your phone being perceived as not manly enough?

    1. The iPhone was so far ahead of the competition at first that the screen and detailed icons achieveable with the phone set it apart from the lesser phones. Unfortunately the desire to show off got the better of the key tennent of functionality that Apple had always adhered to. Hopefully the new OS will return us to a solution that is so powerful it doesn’t need to be in your face. It has always been the subtle that attracted me to Apple – the pulsing sleep light on the macbook etc. etc.

    2. So let’s examine what your real issue with Mr. Cook might be by looking at things you’ve posted in the past:

      “The sissy-fication of Apple is now complete. It all looks just like Tim Cook”
      “A little less sissy-fied. But, still looks like Tim.
      “that looks just like Tim Cook. Weak, timid, sissy,”
      “The sissyfication of the once great company’s genius”
      “…iOS7 estrogen version. Sir Jony just trying to please Tim so he made it look like him.”

      This is all about you and your discomfort with the sexual attraction you feel towards other men. So you wildly overcompensate by lashing out against Tim Cook, attacking his masculinity because he is one of the most powerful gay men in the world.

      We have all seen this pattern before. The rabidly anti-gay right-wing conservative who makes numerous public anti-gay remarks and is then later found soliciting gay sex in an airport restroom or from a male “escort.”

  4. MacDailyNews Take: After using iTunes Radio all summer, our prediction for Pandora: Pain.

    Should read: After using iTunes Radio all summer, we have a prediction for Pandora: Pain.

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