Leak reveals Apple’s iPhone 5S to come in three colors, iPhone 5C to offer five choices (with photos)

“Sonny Dickson, an iOS developer from Melbourne, Australia, has had quite a week’s worth of iPhone photo leaks,” Anthony Wing Kosner reports for Forbes. “Dickson does seem to have hit the mother lode of supply chain leaks and made as convincing case as we are bound to get before September 10 for the colors that the two anticipated iPhone models will come in.”

“As previously discussed, the iPhone 5S will apparently come in black/slate, silver/white and the new white/gold (or champagne),” Kosner reports. “Dickson’s leaked image below shows the whole line.”

iPhone 5S colors

Kosner reports, “As for the less expensive plastic iPhone 5C, multiple sources reinforce what Dickson shows below, that the colors will be a pinkish red, a bright yellow, a lime green and cyan blue and white.”

iPhone 5C colors
iPhone 5C colors

Kosner writes, “The big story here is how Apple is using color to telegraph a diversity of use cases.”

Read more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. We really don’t know what color is on the front, but, I have to admit, if the “gold” is actually a very muted champagne color, it might make a nice change especially if Vaja comes out with leather colors to complement the color. It could be then, both estrogenic and testosteronic. The back will more than likely be covered up with a case, anyway.

      In the USA, except for children and some women, who would want a 5C anyway. The 5S is the only way to go. Orientals love bright colors, on the whole, so it should do well overseas. Have to wait and see!

      1. My iPhone 5 is already a champagne/light gold colour. Somebody asked me if it was a new colour the other day day, no I replied, it’s just nicotine stains on the clear plastic cover 🙂

    1. Compare those 5C colours to those of the early iMacs. By comparison, these look naff and cheapjack, and I can’t really believe Apple would release something looking like those alleged iPhone 5C pix. Now, the 5S ones, they look very cool and believable, and I’d be torn between the black and the champagne.

      1. I agree with u on the 5c colors.. They look very cheap in the photo.
        But one can not be sure if these are the real thing!? Hope not.
        I have seen other alleged photos that show much nicer color tones and saturation … And hint at a bit of a metlic efffect as well. Hope thise are closer to reality.
        At the end of the day one would think apple has done their home work before locking down the color choice! ( i hope !?)

    2. If this is true, I’m surprised they don’t have basic black for the 5C. If someone can only afford a 5C and is looking for a phone that is unassuming, they really don’t have much of an option.

    3. Wow, I read your post and then went back and took a look at those colors and you are right. They are chick colors.

      Add in that iOS 7 looks like it was designed for your pre-teen girls and I see a windows 8 type disaster in the works for Apple.

      Give me a profesional looking interface please…

    4. They’re very similar to the ipod mini colors. Apple will be fine and will sell boatloads plus you haven’t seen them in person I’m sure Apple knows better than you do

    1. iOS is not girly. You have not seen the finished product, but from yhr or tires we have seen, nothing girly about it. Can anyone, in their right mind, take the pastel”ish” background and picture it in gray, black and dark any blue? Pastels only give us the ability to see the icons.

      But like so much that’s Apple, there are many naysayers, but they buy them anyway, love them and tell everyone how great it is. Besides, the wallpaper/background colors do not an OS make. What it does and how well is what, or should be be the overwhelming factor in deciding to upgrade to iOS 7 or not.

      1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that’s perfectly fine. IOS 7 is not only girly IMO, it is quite ugly and an unnecessarily radical departure from the design philosophy of its predecessors. Add to that the fact that most of what has been included in this “upgrade” I have been doing for years via the jailbreak community (Control Center? SBS Settings anyone???) and it all adds up to a big fat “no thank you” for me. But to each his own…

  1. The 5C will open up a whole new market segment for Apple. I’m sure they have priced it to maintain a lower but decent margin. Just like the iPad mini it will take the wind out of the sails for many competitors.
    We have to accept that the phone market is more competitive that the music player market was and that Android has provided a platform for cheap smartphones. However with more cost effective iPhone models Apple can start chipping away at the remaining profits in the middle price segment and make it very hard for competitors to make any money.

  2. The ‘5C’ colours are awful in my opinion, black logo also doesn’t look too great either. Why not have some strong colours, instead of an entire range of pastils for instance; a deep red (Audi Mizano Red), vibrant blue (volvo electric blue), Yellow (ferrari) etc… oh and a chrome Apple logo would look ten fold better too…

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