Some Apple services down, affecting less than 1% of customers

“Some customers were unable to use Apple’s Internet services early Thursday,” Ian Sherr reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Apple said Thursday that some of its Internet services for its computers and mobile devices, such as photo sharing, backup and some messaging, were unavailable for a small group of customers.”

“The Cupertino, Calif., company said less than 1% of customers have been unable to access document streaming, backup and photo services since midnight Pacific Time and throughout the morning,” Sherr reports. “Apple also said photos and other items sent through its messaging service may also be unavailable.”

Sherr reports, “Apple has given no indication that outage reported Thursday, affecting consumer services, is at all related or the result of criminal activity. Outages of this sort, which are not unusual in the industry, are often the result of software bugs or equipment malfunctions.”

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  1. Cue the screaming about how Apple can’t do web services.

    I think once in years of using iMessage I had a message drop back to SMS. I must be the world’s luckiest user, huh?


  2. “…gave no indication…” this was related to criminal activity… Or new data centers coming on line… Or one of 10 DNS entries being incorrect, or …

    Old joke on the elementary school playground: “Is this your first pregnancy?”
    “Wow, how many times HAVE you been pregnant?!”

    Inside Apple’s PR department:
    “Are your services down due to criminal activity?”
    “We don’t comment on such matters except to say we apologize for any inconvenience this has had on the less than 1% of our customers who have been affected by this and are working hard to restore service and ensure it doesn’t happen again.”
    “Boss! Hold the presses: Apple won’t deny service outage is due to criminal activity!!!”

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