Steve Jobs as entertainment

“Steve Jobs has been many things to many people,” Ken Segall reports for Observatory.

“But until I made it to the theater yesterday to see ‘Jobs,’ I never really thought of him as entertainment,” Segall reports. “I actually mean this in a positive way. Unless we’re talking about documentaries playing in art houses, movies aren’t expected to lay out the facts. They’re designed to keep us amused or engrossed for a couple of hours. For me, this one did that.”

Segall reports, “Admittedly, I took my seat with a few biases and preconceptions — some of which hit me when the project was first announced. Lightweight actor. Director with short resume. Screenwriter with no resume. An absurd title (originally called ‘jOBS’). And a horribly written website to boot. It all seemed amateurish, being rushed into production upon Steve’s death… I’m not saying it’s a classic. The screenwriting felt weak at points. I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Best Picture nod. But if you’ve followed Steve’s story over the years, it’s interesting to see his decades-long journey compressed into a two-hour ride.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you go in with low expectations, you might be entertained. We were unable to lower ours enough.

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  1. Finally, a review from someone that really knew Steve.

    It is going to be hard, particularly from those who haven’t or won’t see the movie to comment further.

    Again, I saw and enjoyed Jobs. If anything it was a way short.

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