Citi Research: Possible Apple iWatch in 2013, but larger screen iPhone 6 and Retina iPad mini not until 2014

“The iPad Mini Retina is landing in the first quarter of 2014, while an iPhone 6 should arrive in the first half of next year, Citi Research reiterated in a note to investors,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

Citi analyst Glen Yeung: Apple’s 2H13 [second half 2013] iPad lineup will be iPad5 [sic] (reduced weight, slimmer bezel, thinner design), iPad Mini [sic] (the existing model), and a reduced price iPad Mini (likely priced at $249)… we expect Apple to launch a larger-screen version of iPhone (dubbed iPhone 6) in 1H14 [first half 2014]. We also anticipate the launch of iWatch, possibly in 2H13.

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    1. You are absolutely right. The current size of the iPhone 5 is as big as it needs to get. Your phone should not be so large that it requires you to carry a purse. There are two things in regards to size I want to be able to do with my phone, put it in my pocket and use it with one hand.

    2. My favorite pair of shorts from Dockers has a special pocket for a mobile phone. It’s sized perfectly for an iPhone, and when I think about it, I chuckle, knowing that a Samsung Galaxy 4, Part 2, Section 6A Deluxe Version 6A with New Car Smell (God, I hate their stupid naming conventions) won’t fit.

      In other news, Samsung sued Levi Strauss and several large clothing manufacturers, demanding that they make new clothing with larger pockets to accommodate their big-ass phones. Samsung is also reported to be preparing a suit against God, demanding that humans mutate to larger hands, to be able to properly hold Samsung’s big-ass phones.


  1. If true, Apple has gotten sluggish! Larger smartphone screens r a huge hit! 5S, 5C? That’s it? And where’s the revolutionary new Apple TV? Where’s the leadership? WTH is going on? iWatch is on my HELL YES list! Hope it eases the growing disappointments! The press is going to have a field day with Apple unless it does something huge!

    1. Unlike Samsung who releases every incomplete idea they have, Apple won’t release until satisfied. Just because there are so many patience-impaired people out there is not Apple’s problem. Sure I want my Apple new product fix too but I also don’t want any unfinished ideas like Maps hitting the market which could cause more harm than good to Apple.

    2. I recall Tim Cook said to avoid listening to all the noise. Seems all the apple trashing had capitalized on the the impending tax sell off due to the possibility(and eventual) long term cap. gains tax increase and rode that momentum down with the Samsung slander campaign. The anal-ists effort to push apple to release products fell short because Apple releases a product when it’s polished and ready for release, and not when the pressures on.
      This is why I find it vary vary hard to believe Apple B.O.D. Was pressuring Cook for lack of inoovation. Reported by Charles Gaspirinos sources.
      BTW, this just in!! Sources, close to the vest, have told me Charles Gaspirino has been “promoted” as samsungs top notch b*tch for Sammy entire BOD, as well as. :-}

  2. I’ve dreamt of this Dick Tracy phone forever. But Apple has to prove to me that the US nazi kgb secret police can’t use it to spy on me. Otherwise, the iWatch is just Google glasses to me.

  3. I’m thinking about starting a website and that follows analysts and the predictions they make vs reality. Each will get an accuracy score. I’m not sure how interesting it will be with all their scores below 10% though

  4. That is because Tim Cook is a total incompetent!

    * No Retina Mini?

    * No Larger iPhone screen at least offered?

    * No new products… period… ever?

    * Worthless lightning accessory that costs a fortune?

    His plan is to live off SJ forever, plus minor updates every year and a half.

    I keep telling you guys about this but nobody wants to accept the truth.

    Tim Cook is a babysitter.

    1. Tim Cooks is really good at making promises. We know that the MacPro will be released this year. iOS 7 and Mavericks are expected, this year, too. That’s about all we know, the rest is speculation.

    2. A retna mini is not a good idea

      A pho-blet (big screen) iPhone is not a good idea

      The lightning cables cost the same as the 30pin ($19)

      No new products ever… Well except last seasons hottest selling product, and they are about to announce this seasons.

      And who is it that can’t accept the “truth”?
      Don’t let any real facts compromise that reality you have created for yourself.

      1. @testiclelator

        No retina display on iPad mini (but you can get a cheaper Nexus 7 with retina, really?).

        No bigger iPhone screen (some Apple fans want it; just because you don’t means jack squat!).

        The lightning port in general broke over a decade of i-accessory product ecosystem compatibility… see what I mean by expensive?

        I don’t consider an iPad mini or a lightning connector to be “new products”.

        These are the facts, just deal with it.

        Tim Cook is a joke and Apple is getting steamrolled while he’s taking male only steambaths.

        1. @orandy: “Male-only steam baths?”

          Grow up. You are entitled to disagree. But you are not entitled to use this forum to show your hatred, prejudice and phobia. Please don’t embarrass yourself with ignorance and hate.

          1. @Brian

            Touchy, touchy… maybe you should use this forum to come out of the closet.

            So the term “male only” in reference to a gay man offends you and I’m the one who needs to grow up?

            Your paranoia is duly noted.

            1. @orandy:

              1. You strongly infer that Tim Cook is gay. Have any proof? Has Tim Cook ever come out and stated that?
              2. What business is it yours to assume that Tim Cook is gay, and frequents gay bathhouses?
              3. By inferring that Tim Cook is A) gay and B) frequents male bath houses to cruise for anonymous sex, you are making a vulgar accusation about someone you don’t know.
              4. For the record, I am both hetrosexual and happily married to a female. I am not bisexual or engaging “in the down-low” as your most recent insult would suggest.

              Unlike you, I judge people on their character, not labels or stereotypes. I do not know Tim Cook. I have never met him, and probably never will. I don’t pretend to know what he thinks or how he runs Apple. For any of us to assume that we know his management style and personality is as short-sighted as many of the articles referenced on this website.

              I am however experienced enough to understand that innovation takes time, and does not happen on command. And I am patient enough to wait for this to happen from Apple, and am confident that in time, people’s hasty and misguided judgments about Apple and Mr. Cook will dramatically improve. I am most disappointed that people like you cannot comprehend that.

              By hiding behind a screen name and spewing hate, you belittle yourself. But you are far too smug and self-righteous in your blind prejudice about people to understand that. It saddens me to see someone as pathetic as you certainly are. Instead of shooting insults about people you don’t know, and instead of hating people with a different sexual orientation than yourself, take time to learn and understand. But I doubt that you ever will. For you, hating is too easy, too much fun and a quick way to cover your insecurity. Hiding behind your screen name, your self-annointed omnipotence is tragic.

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