Apple debuts Mac Pro teaser trailer in movie theaters with ‘fall 2013’ tagline

“Apple has begun showing the teaser video for the upcoming Mac Pro in movie theaters across the nation. First shown at WWDC during the initial debut of the Mac Pro, the video shows the sleek black curves of the product from multiple angles,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“According to reports from several people who have seen the teaser, it ends with the line ‘Fall 2013,’ offering the first concrete hint of when the redesigned Mac Pro might launch,” Clover reports. “At WWDC, Apple gave a ‘later this year’ release date.”

Read more in the full article here.


      1. The people sitting in the theatre may not be the target market for the Mac Pro, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective advertising.

        We’re now discussing it on a tech forum.

        1. Agree. Just good to show it to remind the general public that Apple is still putting out futuristic looking cool hardware is worth paying for the advertising. Since there is so much negative crap being spread about that very thing.

      2. It’s a promo for the Apple brand. Aside from that, I do believe there is a non-empty intersection of the set of theatre goers and the set of tech professionals (even excluding prosumers).

      3. I’m sure most of the audience. Just went “whoa what was that?”, “cool”.

        Even if they’re not going to buy a Mac Pro. They know it is an Apple product. The iPhone in there pocket just became that much “cooler”.

        You see this type of advertising all the time with race cars. Honda doesn’t expect you to buy a $1,000,000 race car.

      4. Samsung and Microsoft floods the theaters with their crappy Ads. It’s time to show Apple ads. Which is about 100x more elegant and enjoyable to watch than the BS from Samsung, Microsoft, Google and the other cloners.

  1. take my money. this is no computer. this is a weapon of mass productivity. a weapon of mass inspiration. it is a monument to mind augmentation. it is a personal warp core for the noetic output of a human being. it is pure function molded into the shame of spiritual form. it is a silver bullet targeted at the mundane world me too computers. it is not a product, it is a thunderclap of a statement from Apple. we do as we please… so should you. go out and dent the universe.

    1. Yes it does…
      but it is doubtful that anyone will run windows on the pro as the “common sense police” will likely come into your home or place of business and flog you on a daily basis for such obvious breach of sanity and good sense.

      Seriously though; Run it in virtual, running windows native is really not a clever thing to do. (have you noticed that very few enterprise users are deploying any new native installations (and retiring the ones that they have deployed a a substantial clip?)
      With native GPU drivers in the VM there is little reason to natively boot widows and a laundry list of why nots.

    2. If you just want to run Windows for gaming, Boot Camp and on a Mac Pro would freaking awesome.

      But for any sort of professional use, I agree with Tessellator – VM is the way to go. You’ll save so much time by not needing to reboot switch OS’s – and the raw performance of the machine should compensate very well for Windows not running natively. There’s also all the smaller advantages of VM’s – easily running multiple versions of an OS, quick backups and quick system restores, et cetera. Any really intense applications that needs native speed – like Autocad or video editing – you are likely better off investing in a Mac version of it then running it a separate Windows environment.

  2. So “Fall” means before 21 December 2013 at 17:11 Greenwich Mean Time. That’s still over four months away. I hope it will be much sooner. We’ll see.

  3. The other shoe drop though will be the price tag and then drooping faces for those who realize it’s way out of their price range. Let’s hope though for an Apple price surprise. My 2007 Mac Pro is just barely adequate. I’m hoping more for an “embarrassment of CPU cycles riches.”

    1. I predicted a price surprise, but I’m no Delphic Oracle 😉

      “Industry insiders” predict a median starting price of $2899 (range $1799-$4699). SWAG subject to change.

      As a personal policy I’ve tried to maintain computing work/home parity. In my current situation, Budget tends to rubber-stamp my requisitions but there could be more eye-rolling this time, and It may challenge my own pocketbook, if this delicacy lands in higher territory. Food, or CPU cycles: what to do…

  4. Just curious – Anyone out there considering buying this and keeping your old Mac Pro tower as your first expansion box? (and yes, I know it negates the Thunderbolt advantage, but this would be a way of tempering the cost of a new workstation while waiting for a) more and cheaper Thunderbolt accessories and b) a true multimodality (storage, PCI, optical drive) expansion box.

  5. Nothing in this video gives the prospective user any reason whatsoever to consider this for his next computer. It inspires little more than hearing a Surface keyboard click — and is no more informative.

    Moreover, with its incessant “cloud” marketing and dumbing-down of the Mac OS, Apple is joining the evil corporations in becoming the very empire that a younger and more independent Apple rebelled against in the ‘1984’ ad.

    Apple: Get back on track with clean efficient, high-value products and witty, informative advertising. This ad displays neither.

  6. Apple is showing the world that, yes, they seem unable to innovate anymore. It’s the cube reborn stuffed into a high end Japanese trashcan.

    Notice that they did not show the 15 thousand cables and wall warts that will be necessary to use it for anything that could not be done with a Mac mini.

    It is a Home Theater PC for the style over substance crowd.

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