Photos of champagne gold-colored iPhone 5S surface

“Tired of Apple offering iPhones solely in black or white? If photos obtained by MacBoutic are accurate, you’ll get some variety soon… and some bling, for that matter,” Engadget reports.

Yes, it’s a champagne gold-colored iPhone! iPhone 5S, to be exact:

This matches “predictions from KGI analyst (and frequent AppleInsider tipster) Ming-Chi Kuo,” Engadget reports. “While it’s difficult to verify the snapshots when MacBoutic has erased all logos, this doesn’t look like an aftermarket project…”

Purported iPhone 5S in champagne gold
Purported iPhone 5S in champagne gold

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    1. Yes, I do realize that ‘gold’ is the new silver and the current trendy color in Hollywood and the fashion world for accessories and things like ray-bans, watches, etc..

      It makes sense that this could carry over to an iPhone too, but I m calling this a bogus rumor only because Gold is about the worst color to match with the new pastel palette introduced in iOS7. I just can’t see Jony Ive approving the gold and pastel combo.

      1. Er, you do realise that this is the back of the phone?
        When holding it and using it, you look at the front, not the back.
        In any case, when are people going to wake up to the fact that once iOS 7 has been customised by its users, apps moved, added placed into folders, wallpaper changed to completely different designs and colours, it’ll look nothing at all like the stock, vanilla version. The so called ‘sissyness’, as the more idiotic trolls have said, will completely disappear, and as far as the champaign colour is concerned, who’s going to see it anyway, once a case has been put onto the phone.
        This particular colour was what hifi equipment came in, back in the eighties, particularly Sony, Marantz, and Pioneer, before they all went black and silver. It’s nice to see it being resurrected for a quality piece of equipment.

        1. It doesn’t matter. Apple design their products as a WHOLE design. Front and back, hardware and software, it is a complete thought. Gold and pastels DO NOT match. Apple/Jonny Ive wouldn’t do it.

  1. I hope the gold one has a premium price increase. Don’t want just anybody getting one. My wife has a 4S, a nice gold 5S would be great for her. I’ll take black or white. Not fussy, just get them to market please.

  2. Ah, yes, Rumourville. Guaranteed to rIse a smile. Useful to pass the time for those on the dole, and relief for those suffering from a dearth of royal baby stories

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