Why hedge fund rock star David Einhorn picked Apple over Microsoft

“Known as a rock star David Einhorn is one of the hedge fund industry’s few managers that can truly move the market. Whether it was his high profile short thesis on Chipotle last year, his bearish call on Green Mountain Coffee in 2011, or his St. Joe escapade one year before that, it seems like the manager of Greenlight Capital always has a meteoric effect on whatever stock is in his sights,” Jake Mann writes for Seeking Alpha.

“It’s not fair to think of Einhorn exclusively as a short-seller. His long-term Apple stake, for example, has received extra coverage in 2013 for his push for more value creation at Cupertino,” Mann writes. “Although he hasn’t gotten exactly what he wanted – Einhorn originally pushed for a type of preferred stock he called ‘iPrefs”‘ – Apple did announce a dividend boost earlier this year. An expansion of its share buyback program to a total of $60 billion has also gotten some bulls clamoring, and Carl Icahn’s recent move into Apple stock has only helped the situation.”

Mann writes, “David Einhorn and Greenlight Capital do not, however, feel the same way about Microsoft.”

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    1. I should have said “DevicePit” since most of their devices lose money. And stock is stuck at pittance low double digit levels and likely to stay there until it finally dropped to zero and thr beast put out of everyone’s misery. I pity some friends who worked for them and as the stock started to drop MANY years ago thought it would regain prior glory levels, but never did.

  1. Sorry, but using “hedge fund manager” and “rock star” in the same sentence made me throw up in my mouth a little.

    One is an ego-driven, self-obsessed monster who thinks only of himself. The other usually plays a guitar.

  2. With the failure of the Surface and massive loss of a billion dollars on the surface RT and lack of the basic popular windows Start bar In windows 8

    This another nail in Balmers Coffin.

    He’ll get booted out soon, or put in the corner with a coloring book

    1. I feel that Balmer needs to go as well.

      I am not pro Microsoft at all, I use Macs with the newest and best version of OSX that Apple has to offer, I upgrade the day the new OSX comes out.

      I have a Windows machine for games but thats it. And a few Linux OS’s.

      But I feel that with Balmer gone, Microsoft can do better, Their consumer offerings are suck right now.

      But with Office and exchange? And all the software that goes with it? They do just a great a job with it, I work for a Foutune100 company and our Microsoft exchange servers and Office programs are great, fast, stable, get the job done that their advertised to do.

      People like Balmer ruined it for the Microsoft consumer.

      They need to bring Back Bill Gates. Or find a new CEO.

      I remember when Windows 95 came out, and in hindsight it was somewhat buggy, but. When Windows 95 came out, it was the best, easy to use, powerful, and configurable Operating system that consumers could be and it was VERY innovative for its time.

      Mac OS 7 8 and 9 all sucked ass.

      Steve Jobs rescued Apple with OSX and the iPod and the iPhone.

      I think Microsoft needs their own Steve Jobs, and to kick Balmer the retard out.

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