Carl Icahn reveals large Apple position, reportedly over $1 billion; wants to see Apple increase stock buybacks

“Carl Icahn, the never-shy hedge fund titan, today waded into another hotly contested debate: whether Apple is on the way up or still headed down,” Abram Brown reports for Forbes.

“Icahn revealed that he controls a large position in the Cupertino, Calif.-based company and considers the stock to be ‘extremely undervalued,'” Brown reports. “In addition, Icahn says he spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook today, and true to form, he wasted no time in sharing his thoughts with Cook. ‘Discussed my opinion that a larger buyback should be done now,’ Icahn writes in a new Twitter message, the latest medium used by the activist investor in his continued efforts to shakeup corporate America. ‘We plan to speak again shortly.'”

Brown reports, “Shares of Apple immediately spiked following Icahn’s comments [+$23.49, +5.03%, to $490.85 @ 3:48PM EDT]… Apple must now contend with Icahn, one of the most feared activist investors–and certainly one of the most successful. He accumulated a $20 billion fortune, making him the world’s 26th richest person, by aggressively pushing companies to change their strategies. And he’s certainly no stranger to the world of technology… he also owns shares in a key Apple partner: Nuance, the speech-recognition company powering the voice of Apple, Siri.”

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  1. Danger, Danger — Icahn is in the house! This is all Apple needs , this jerk messing around with their stock. Icahn is a parasite and he is fortunate that he is talking with mellow Tim as SJ would have no hesitation telling him that if he doesn’t like how the stock is going and how the company is being run, then he should sell his stock and go bug someone else. This is a guy who probably couldn’t invent shit if it didn’t come out his backside! Next he will want a position on the board. This is not good at all!

  2. Ok, so Carl Icahn is another investor that would like to see AAPL properly evaluated. The longer AAPL remains undervalued the greater the mismatch between AAPL’s price and the others crappy stocks values will be.

    I will not be upset if Carl Icahn can get the product releases flowing and motivate Apple to step it up. Could start the next series of ads too!

    Did Dell or RIMM (Blackberry) go private yet? Ok, maybe tomorrow.

  3. A billion dollars is no chump change. Is there any other way Apple can ever find proper value if someone with clout doesn’t stand up for the company? Amazon has Warren Buffett, so why can’t Apple have Icahn? Apple certainly doesn’t have very many supporters on Wall Street. For a company that’s always being claimed as being doomed, Apple needs a few backers on its side.

  4. Wait wait…
    He buys a large stake in Apple, then says its undervalued and that they should increase the buy back and pay more dividends? He had to buy stock first than say it? He could have easily said this without buying stock. It shines right through what he wants. He does not care about Apple… He just want to get payed… Tim should kick him out of there. Come back when your stake is 20 billion…

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