T-Mobile CEO: More Apple products coming

“T-Mobile CEO John Legere says that it is the company’s message, not the arrival of the iPhone, that is behind a recent surge in new customers,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“‘The postpaid phone net adds for T-Mobile exceeded those of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon (added) together,’ Legere said. ‘To me, that’s one of the strongest statements you can make about a quarter,'” Fried reports. “Legere said it is a good sign that the iPhone is only a portion of the company’s sales growth, accounting for just 21 percent of smartphone sales last quarter. ‘I think it’s a healthy percentage,’ Legere said.”

Fried reports, “That said, Legere looks forward to more business with Apple, including carrying products beyond the iPhone. ‘I think there’s a whole array of Apple products that we look forward to carrying,’ Legere said. ‘We will expand what we offer from them.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Deny it all you want, but without iPhone, T-Mobile USA would be a dead duck.

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  1. What MDN says is true. I know I certainly wouldn’t be strongly considering going back to T-Mobile again after leaving them 6+ years ago if they hadn’t added the iPhone…

    1. Same here. I would have not left T-Mobile had it not been for the iPhone. I was in Hattiesburg, MS, when I got my first iPhone …at the AT&T Store there (No Apple store in MS back then). Was fifth in line, and got in with the first group of customers – they only took five at a time). Anyways, I rushed toward the sales clerk, a wide eyed, smiling young thing, and I said: “Honey! lookie here, just don’t say anything; here is my credit card …just sell me the dammed phone! So while all the others were jus getting into the plan discussion, I had just purchased the first iPhone sold in Mississippi — in record time …probably. And just for shits and giggles, I raised my resplendent new iPhone box to thunderous applause and lot of pats on the back. Eventually, I had finally gotten around to leaving the store, when a camera crew just about mugged me to get their dirty hands on my shiny new iPhone. Heck, I had to, reluctantly, open the box to uncover the little gem …and that’s how I made the 9:00 PM news that night. And about that interview? Why, that’s for another day you know. Happy times indeed, my five minute of fame, and I’ve never been back to an AT&T store again.

      Yep, I’m thinking I just might go “pink” again.

  2. Sure, be biased and root for your company all you want. Who doesn’t love Apple? They make great products and is a great company, but don’t be so biased that you sound ignorant. Without the iPhone T-Mobile would be just fine. It only accounted for 21% of their sales last quarter… ONLY 21%. Not 50, not 60, not 70 but 21. They added more customers last quarter than all the other big players combined so without 21% of those numbers they would have still been fine. Don’t let your bias turn you into a blathering moron.

    1. Your negativity is unwarranted. Consider the facts rather than your desire to contradict people you consider fanboys (even if you don’t use the word).

      iPhones contributed what percentage of T-Mobile handset sales the quarter before that? Zero. T-Mobile only began selling the iPhone on April 12.

      And how did iPhone sales go during the first quarter? Well, according to reports at the time, sales were great. T-Mobile reported in early May that it had moved about 500,000 units in the first three weeks.

      You accuse others of wearing rose-colored glasses. But the glasses you are wearing must be dark gray and cloudy.

    2. T-Mobile lost money for the quarter. Less than many expected, but it still lost money. They made money in the year ago quarter when a lot of the pundits were saying they were in trouble. So without that 21% iPhone sales — which brings in higher end customers paying for extras, they would have lost more.

      By some accounts up to 80% of T-Mobile’s phone sales for the quarter were smart phones. If the iPhone is 21% of that then the iPhone could account for up to 16% of all T-Mobile’s sales and services associated with new sales and contracts going forward.

      T-Mobile is not in any danger, but to say that a company is “fine” and would be “fine” if they lost an additional 16% without the iPhone is just not paying attention to reality.

  3. T-mobile uses a different frequency than AT&T or Bell or Rogers, Fido or Telus, similarly we have Wind or Mobilicity in Canada.

    The inexpensive Apple iPhone seems likely to arrive to these companies – it makes more sense – and will be successful if the market (consumers) are willing to buy.

    1. hey… wait a minute here.

      “Although the iPhone is not carried by Mobilicity, the iPhone 5 is supported on Mobilicity’s network.” — wiki

      so there is no connection to this less expensive iPhone being sold or offered exclusively to these type of Networks… Apple had it already covered.

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