Obama administration vetoes Apple iPhone sales ban in U.S.

“Apple Inc. can continue selling its iPhone 4 and iPad 2 3G in the U.S. after receiving a reprieve from an import ban won by Samsung Electronics Co. in a patent-infringement dispute,” Susan Decker reports for Bloomberg.

“U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman today overturned the ban, imposed by the U.S. International Trade Commission on June 4 after it found that some older models of Apple devices infringed a patent for a way data are transmitted,” Decker reports. “It was the first time the executive branch has overturned an ITC import ban since 1987, when President Ronald Reagan did so in a case involving Samsung computer-memory chips.”

Decker reports, “‘We applaud the administration for standing up for innovation in this landmark case,’ Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said in an interview. ‘Samsung was wrong to abuse the patent system in this way.’ …Four U.S. senators wrote to Froman on July 30, asking him to “assess the substantial public interest considerations” of using standards patents at the ITC. The senators were Democrats Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Barbara Boxer of California, and Republicans Mike Lee of Utah and James Risch of Idaho.”

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  1. Two Democrats, two Republicans, eh? Lets see the political trolls who infest this site like the vermin and parasites they are, pick the bones out of that.
    Good news for consumers, and Apple, anyway.

    1. The bipartisanship displayed here is a clear sign that the issue at hand was blatant in its malevolence or indifference toward healthy commerce in the U.S. — so blatant that to do nothing would have exposed the cowardice and crassness of “public servants,” angering grass-roots constituents and, along with other recent outrages, threatening a voter revolt of the second kind.

            1. Friday, October 9, 2009, Obama Messiah wins Nobel Peace Prize.

              In 2009 304 US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, over double the number killed in 2008, which was itself the previous high since the war began. Britain also lost 107 soldiers, the most it has seen killed since the Falkland Islands War.

              I submit, you are the fool and a shill.

            2. US military deaths in the Afghan war have reached 2,000, a cold reminder of the human cost of an 11-year-old conflict that now garners little public interest at home as the United States prepares to withdraw most of its combat forces by the end of 2014.

              2014. Who is the fool?

            3. There was no afghan war with Bush. He and Halliburton, I mean Cheney. Chose Iraq if I recall. Obama just moved the troops from Iraq during the drawdown. Still, I don’t agree with all our President has done.

            4. I’ve gotta agree with this crazy Yankees fan this time: Obama is a lying sack of shit. The biggest mistake I (and many others) ever made was voting for this scumbag the first time.

              He has pretty much done the opposite of all he promised in his campaign. The cost in lives and money is sickening when it could have been ended long ago. We have gained absolutely nothing from this Muslim fiasco, but we’ve lost one hell of a lot.

            5. It utterly amazes me. You (botvinnik) stated actual, factual dates for WW II US involvement and people out there disagree???

              Wow, I guess high school diplomas are getting easier and easier to get.

            6. So you’re all perfectly happy with the TSA groping 3 year old girls, the DOJ sending assault rifles to the Mexican drug cartels, DHS checkpoints doing random searches 100 miles from any national border, the NSA and FBI spying on citizens without a warrant or probable cause, assassinations of American citizens without due process via drones by the direct order of the president, the IRS targeting non-profit groups based on political ideology, and the use of children as political props, just to name a few items. OK, got it.

            7. it is not evil to have to follow party lines in signing bills, it is simply wrong. Due to the polarization of our voted officials, we are all to suffer. These politicians are on the money train, simply taking our taxes, and wanting more. Their affiliations determine what they feel is important.

        1. He’s not naïve. He’s just pointing out what an anomaly it is. Probably won’t happen again for at least 10 years. Or unless enough money’s shoveled into the laps of the Democrats in these situations. Just kidding. Kinda.

          1. We both know that money is changing hands in some form. That hasn’t changed since Sumeria. All I was saying was that when the stink begins to bother people in the street, speeches and party loyalty aren’t going to alter their olfactory repugnance. That’s when we see action, when the charades fail to work as before. Oh, and it’s she, truly enough.

            It is truly enough said that a corporation has no conscience; but a corporation of conscientious men is a corporation with a conscience.
            — Henry David Thoreau

            1. I wouldn’t mind Apple relocating to Vancouver, not at all. Leave the oppressive regime behind, and all that. Plus I have a sister there. I’d as lief join her, perhaps pitch an advisory group on managed health care to the new Apple, special attention given to province-run programs. I could still make a living, crippled though I am by a constitutional failure to grasp political realities the way you do so effortlessly.

            2. Unless you agree with everything that botvinnik says, the put downs from him will be frequent and vile. Of course, hannahjs, you do seem to be of similar mind with botvinnik. That is not a compliment.

            3. KingMel

              With all due respect, fuck you, you sanctimonious prick.

              You don’t agree with someone then disagree. Your viewpoints are often itritating to me but I respect your right to them.

              However I do not respect your right to your unwarranted attack on hannajs.

      1. Despite the skeptics – Well done.

        Now let’s see a followup act of reining in the rabid DOJ, Holder and judge Coate, to regain some of the recent lost respect .

        1. Thanks for the reprieve—the weight of negativity was pointing me toward the bottle of no return. Why must I constantly place myself in the hands of the faithless? Is compassion always self-poisoning?

    2. Now if Obama can only take quick action on the Keystone Pipeline Project!… and to borrow a phrase from Dem. Harry Reid, Obama needs to tell his environmental wackos to “sit down and shut up!” People need jobs. Have jobs, comes money. Have money, buy Apple products! Buy Apple products, creates more jobs. Call it your jobs program Obama…

      1. I think it’s you that needs to “STFU and Sit”. If job’s are not ‘sustainable’ then those job’s will not last very long. It’s kind of like telling a snake not to eat its own tail. Why is it people lie you find that so very hard to understand?

    3. These ‘politicised’ forums have become like the dinner party from hell with guests ranging from hyperactive brats to thuggish chain-saw mass murderers, toxic food and a poisoned chalice.
      A binary fantasy nightmare.

  2. What worries me now is the deliberate delay of the penalty phase of the Samsung infringement case by the one and only, biased Judge(loose term) Lucy Koh’s case. 1) the jury awarded a $1billion dollar award to apple for patent violation
    2) Koh opted to retract $400 million of that $1billion due to what she feels is a lack of evidence that samsungs infringement didn’t deplete apple of those profits due to the violated infringements.
    Gotta wonder why the second time delayed decision took place. Perhaps to wait to see the result of this outcome.

  3. This might put a bit of a pop in the stock Monday morning. I have been picking up a few AAPL call options in the last two weeks. Grabbed a couple more on Friday. Things are beginning to look a little brighter. There are still better places to put your money then AAPL. But it does have upside potential in the near-term. Just remember to diversify when you invest. Don’t sink all your money in any one stock. No matter how much you may love the company. And this time, when you are ahead remember to take your profit. Just look at all those people who are underwater in AAPL and will be maybe forever. It may take them years just to get back to even or with their profit status of September 2012. Don’t make that mistake. You can bet that those investors will be smarter next time. It’s your money. Invest it wisely. Don’t be foolish. This time.

      1. I have.

        And BTW, with a little judicial selling and buying back I now have about 40% more shares of AAPL than I did last Fall, even though I’ve been regularly liquidating a few shares to pay for special projects. This last time I sold at the end of May at $440 and bought July 1 at $402. $450 is looking quite nice now. Can’t wait for $600 by year’s end.

        1. You have Zeke but it doesn’t matter. You are irrelevant. Spinning more yarns are you Zeke? This time it’s lies about your investments. Last time it was bullshit about being in your 60s married to a 20-year-old woman with a two-year-old child. Oh, and you were lifting 200 pound bales of straw over your head all day long. My, you do have an imagination. That’s probably all that you have Zeke. Your imagination. I feel sorry for you. It’s sad. Rather pathetic.

          1. You’re gonna run out of stock answers one day after using the same lines over and over and over. You really are a bore.
            You’re pretty thick skinned too GM, nobody on this board has as many disparaging feedback. You are a bore and a nasty person.

            1. And all we have is your word that you somehow clairvoyantly sold all of your AAPL at the exact peak back in September. You say you run a small business. It must be very small with all the time you spend trying to lord it over people here. I’ll bet you really get your jollies helping clueless folks figure out how to network their Macs. Takes real talent to do that, just like it takes real guts to insult people while hiding behind a keyboard. You’re a coward and a creep and everybody here knows it. Just look at your ratings here. Oh yes, I forgot, you’re the superior being, the detached pro investor, the worldly man’s man who takes everything in stride and has everything under control. Oh yes, you’re Superman…no, wait! Not really. It’s all fantasy. You’re a legend in your own mind. Where’s your history here? I’ve been here and on AFB and the Braeburn group for years as a REGISTERED user. People can see what I said years ago and check the facts against real history. You, on the other hand, are pure anonymous puffery. Take a hike.

            2. Been here for years myself Zeke. Well yes, I said in September that I sold all Zeke. Didn’t have to be clairvoyant to see that it was time to get out Zeke. No it’s not that small of a business. And I don’t have a lot of free time. Movies, commercials, television etc. Zeke. I have nothing to do with networking computers. Pro-investor? Hardly. Just smart enough not to make mistakes now as I did years ago Zeke. I can and have admitted my former foolish investing practices here Zeke. Doesn’t bother me in the least to admit my mistakes. You on the other hand seem to have a real problem with that. And as for puffery? You take the lead there Zeke. You have a vivid imagination. It’s nice of you to share all those fantasies with us. What’s the latest? Have you bought an island in the Caribbean? Become an international spy. You’re full of yourself Zeke. But it is funny.

            3. You are a usless arrogant pro tools operator with a foul mouth, well disliked at work. Doubtfully you even graduated from high school without cheating.

            4. GM is not only an anonymous coward, he’s a pathetic ass kisser, desperately trying to find some influence and friends. Seems like almost everyone at MDN has told him this over and over in the past year or so….

              Looks like it’s time for a poll: Who here can stand him and would anyone trust this poor lonely creature?

            5. “You’re a coward and a creep and everybody here knows it. Just look at your ratings here”

              Stayed up all night to fix that, so there…

        1. It takes a real asshole like you GM to always take pleasure in rubbing someone’s nose in your shit. You can run but you can’t hide, you’re so obviously desperate.

  4. Page 3 of the Trade Representative’s decision was a good read, until the end where he stops writing a “do your job” smack down and steps away from placing blame and taking a side in the real issue.

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