Obama has less than 48 hours to save Apple’s iPhone 4

“Unless the White House intervenes, five older Apple devices — including a version of the iPhone 4 that was one of the company’s biggest money makers last quarter — will be seized at the U.S. border starting Monday,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“The import ban stems from a June 4 ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission that has everybody from Microsoft and Intel to a bipartisan group of U.S. senators up in arms,” P.E.D. reports. “Even Verizon — whose iPhones and iPads were not affected — came out against it in the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal.”

P.E.D. reports, “The ironies are almost too many to list — starting with a Korean manufacturer successfully preventing a U.S. company from bringing its products into its own country on the strength of an SEP patent when a U.S. district judge refused to ban Samsung devices that were found by a jury to have violated numerous Apple non-SEP patents. If the White House is serious about its calls for patent reform, this might be a perfect opportunity to show it.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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        1. JFK = OVERRATED

          The only reason anyone talks about him is because he got shot in the head. He came from a privileged family that is also overrated. I hate how they call that family, ‘America’s Royalty’


          1. Were you there? I was. He was an inspirational president. He was very much like Steve Jobs. He said we would put a man on the moon and then did it. He in fact, not metaphorically, stared down the Russians when fingers hovered over ICBM launch buttons during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy was our last honest president and that’s why he was killed. If you buy the story of a lone gunman, who was then conveniently assassinated by a terminally ill man with mafia connections, who died soon hereafter.

          2. You are right. I should have went with best president in my lifetime, which was Bill Clinton. The Kennedy of the 90s. There was just so much good things about being a kid in the 90s: Good movies, music, video games, cartoons, just about everything. The 21st Century, aside from Apple’s Renassaince, sucked.

        2. JFK is overbuilt because of media OVEREXPOSURE even to this day, Camelot, et al. Unfortunately, he did not get a full chance to leave a lasting legacy other than one great quote, good looks, Marilyn, cheating and media adoration. Reagan was America’s last good president. He stared down the cold war, economy was great, made us feel good about America and ourselves, true to his spouse and the Berlin Wall came tumbling down …

          1. See my post above. You missed little things like putting a man on the moon and beating Khruschev during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We haven’t had a decent president since JFK.

            1. Your right, thanks for the following: JFK did call for a challenge to put a man on the moon and he defeated Khruschev during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

              However, the media overhype of Kennedy’s accomplishments in a short amount of time reached levels unseen like no other president in history. No one can doubt this fact and the media will keep the flame alive …

              JFK was the first Hollywood president remembering the famous TV debates where those listening on the radio handed the victory to Nixon overwhelmingly and those watching on TV favored JFK. We have been skewed in politics ever since.

              Cuba is a tiny, poor third-world country and a drop in the bucket compared to the Soviet Union. Kennedy’s missile crisis was indeed commendable, but pales in comparison to Reagan taking on the same superpower in the world until it cracked from within. His relentless optimism wore down the Russians until a revolution exploded — transformed the country and freed socialist states to this day.

              Reagan was the symbol of world freedom and the catalyst for the hope in Eastern Europe where more people revolted and tore down the Berlin Wall. Certainly his resume is a lot longer than JFK, whom I ADMIRE for his idealism, catholic faith and speech calling for tax cuts to get the economy moving again. In that regard, JFK was way ahead of his time unlike the current demonize the rich, shake them down tax and spend Democrat politics of today.

              Beg to differ Zeke, we haven’t had a decent president since Reagan.

            2. He basically mortgaged this generation’s and the next’s futures. Reagonomics extended into the Clinton and Bush terms is what caused he current debt and recession Under Reagonomics we reduced taxes and government increased borrowing to make up the difference. Deregulation also contributed to the economic collapse as well as to environmental and safety disasters.

            3. So, we’ve advanced from blaming Bush for everything back two more decades to blame Reagan for everything?

              Your right, all Republican presidents in cohorts with big business, know nothing about business and continue to ruin this country. Democrat presidents do everything right and will FIX EVERYTHING BY BLAMING PREDECESSORS.

              You really need to get a grip on reality and I mean that in a good way …

            4. Cuba, though tiny, was to be a nuclear weapons missile base with ICBMs pointed at the US. It was no small matter.

              Reagan’s deregulation gave us the S&L scandal, with billions of dollars being siphoned off from bad loans, etc. Reagan was the first president to mortgage our future in a big way, as he spent himself out of the Nixon/Carter recession while lowering taxes. Yes, revenues went up. They had nowhere else to go, and his spending outpaced that revenue growth. It an be argued that banking deregulation has put us where we are now. From 25 years in the future, Reagan’s policies don’t look so shiny and bright. Yet, he was a vast improvement over the inept Carter and the criminal Nixon. If only we could resurrect Eisenhower. He was perhaps the greatest president of the 20th century. Go back and read some of his writings and speeches. We sorely need that kind of thinking and ethics today.

            5. Yes, the S&L scandal was the biggest debacle during his term and I’ll take it compared to what is going on today. Talk about billions wasted, just look at the stimulus package in Obama’s first term — over $800 billion dollars — where did it go and what do we have to show for it? Far bigger sum than the S&L waste. And let’s not forget the billions more that went to Wall St. and the U.S. automakers. I won’t even get into the current national debt explosive growth the last five years.

              You pointed out my biggest beef against Reagan was he had half the equation correct. He rightly lowered taxes, business boomed and the coffers were overflowing with tax dollars for many years. Overall Reaganomics worked well. That is until he went along, since times were good, and cut deals with Dems in Congress and spent far more than was prudent. In spite of that, it was the greatest economic expansion in my lifetime.

              “It an be argued that banking deregulation has put us where we are now.” Many POV have been argued on this one and I simply don’t know for certain. What I do know is I never felt prouder to be an American, prouder of my president and faith in government than under Reagan. Job opportunities were everywhere, businesses growing, startups sprouting, I earned good money and had my pick of positions, music and entertainment was cleaner, movies still had acting in them and no CGI — USA simply flourished!

              Yes indeed. I LIKE IKE. 🙂

          1. Nah…the 2000s sucked as a decade. And the 2010s aren’t looking too hot either. The best decade of my life was my childhood decade of the 1990s. I would prefer that era to all 13 years of the new century so far. Not only that, but the 90s were the final decade of the 1000s millennium, so I can safely say that DaVinci’s paintings, Edison’s inventions, and the 1984 Mac were all made in my millennium. The 2000s as a decade, century, and millennium just suck!

            1. Best times of our “ONCE” great nation were from: 1945-65!!! Nuff Said…Regan Years were good TA boot!!! 70’s weren’t to bad, the years after ALL the LIBTARD rioting stopped…

            2. Nah, the 1980s put the 1990s to shame. And I didn’t have to read about creative uses of cigars and other serial sexual shenanigans from the FIRST porno president.

        3. Come on what about Ronald Reagan? JFK? AKA Vietnam, Bay of pigs. I agree he is in a different Class than Obama. He was no Ronald Reagan. Reagan propelled us and all the bad presidents after him hung on his coat tails. He was a leader who got things done without complaining about JImmy Carter and the past. He did it without the house and Senate in his first term. People felt good about the US. In todays age we all know the Government (on both sides) cares only about power. Obama will do nothing unless he sees a way it helps him personally. It has nothing to do with right or wrong.

        4. Exactly. When Obama fails to do the right thing now, it will be Bush’s fault. It’s not like Obama is President now. How could he be? Unemployment is high, cities are decaying, a race war is being incited, debt is doubling, health care costs are going through the ceiling, personal liberties are being violated daily. Bush must be the President still. Right?

      1. @ Former Democrat

        Thanks SO much for your insightful contribution. Your thinking is like a laser, cutting to the heart of the matter, illuminating the issues like a veritable ray of wisdom. Sure showed me the error of my thinking on this topic. I’m sure everyone else has been persuaded by the devastating logic.

            1. When you stop being a poisonous little jerk, I won’t have anything to comment on. You may notice that I don’t comment on any where you are simply making a point in a respectful manner. You want to be respectful, I’ll be respectful. Don’t expect open season to be snippy, petulant and vitriolic.

            2. hypocrisy |hiˈpäkrisē|
              noun ( pl. hypocrisies )
              the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.
              ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French ypocrisie, via ecclesiastical Latin, from Greek hupokrisis ‘acting of a theatrical part,’ from hupokrinesthai ‘play a part, pretend,’ from hupo ‘under’ + krinein ‘decide, judge.’

  1. Ever wonder if this beating up on Apple by our government lately, is to make Apple finally cooperate with with our government’s desire to add encryption beating back doors to Apple’s hardware. i wonder who has gained favor by doing so?

    1. @Nut

      You REALLY need to go back to school and learn what “socialist” means. Do you have ANY idea what is actually going on with America’s corporations? They are raking in the dough just fine. As someone joked, “If Obama’s a socialist, he’s the worst in the history of the planet.”

    2. Forget the US. If they don’t want the iPhone then they don’t deserve the iPhone. Them and their tax loving communist governemnt – no iPhone (4) for you!
      Sorry, couldn’t resist as we’ve all heard that several times about other countries who have some sort of legal or governmental tangle with Apple.

      1. Here another one!
        Please don’t use words you ignore the signification of.
        First, study a little social-economy and history (not the part you received in a brainwash nationalist school, but real knowledge!).
        Thank You

    1. Oh, really! If ya think exploiting loop holes to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, out sourcing massive jobs overseas so that they can pay their workers less and avoid providing medical benefits, pay out ridiculous pay checks via bonuses to executive personnels and share holders (made insanely possible as a result of the above) while at the same time stabs your country in the back and tells them to go F…..k yourself because we rather prop up other countries economies instead of our own got them in this mess what do you thing your suggestion will do for them?

      1. Any corporation who pays more taxes than they are legally required to is stupid.

        Other than the US auto makers, what company does not outsource manufacturing??

        If corporate officers are generating tons of profits for their company, why shouldn’t they be compensated? How else would you expect companies to retain talent?

        If you are repeated getting shafted up your ass, would you (a) stick around for more and say thank you or (b) get the fuck out?

        1. Well, something is clearly not right. It is simply to difficult for me to believe that only in America, it is so difficult to find executive talent, and the competition is so sparse, that they have to pay them so outrageously high in order to attract / hold onto them. In the rest of the developed world, the pay ratio between lowest paid full-time worker and the CEO is significantly lower than in America. The difference is actually massive; advanced industrial countries, such as Germany, UK, Sweden, have this ratio just below or above 100:1. In America, the average is over 350:1 (!!!). Nobody can tell me that a country as huge as America has such a hard time cultivating management talent that they must pay for it so dearly, and a country of the size of Norway or Sweden has such abundance that they pay their CEOs the average of 1/4 of American?

          The final answer to this question is extremely simple and complete: greed.

          1. Bingo

            It is a known scam, like “will work for food” signs, and like them it is successful, fooling enough people to keep the feed troughs filled, even as the swine sport haute couture, media consultants, and trophy wives.

    1. No they wont. Americans are good at many things, but public boycott is NOT one of them. They will almost never support a boycott of some company if it requires them to go out of their usual way of doing things, or to deprive themselves of something they are used to.

      And they very quickly and easily forget.

      1. They’ll do a boycott if it’s a civil rights issue, don’t forget that. It’s just that consumers (educated as they are primarily through advertising in all its insidious forms) don’t understand commerce issues very clearly. A scandalous exposé can change that, as happened with the publication of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, exposing Chicago’s disgusting meat-packing plants. Ralph Nader’s Unsafe at Any Speed turned public attention against Detroit’s negligence of auto safety. There are other examples, but each of them requires an articulate, believable spokesperson to spearhead the outcry. Boycotts are the last line of defence against grand-scale ripoff artists—government regulation, even when it works, is perennially vulnerable to corruption and ineptitude; the only thing guaranteed to stop sellers in their tracks is buyers folding their arms and turning away.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    As soon as you insert that NSA code into iOS, Apple, you’ll start winning all kinds of U.S. rulings, helpful vetoes and court cases.

    (Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.)

  3. NSA conspiracies aside, why is US law written to allow any company to use SEPs attack another company? Why is this even legal? Probably because some other big US corporation lobbied for this because they wanted to protect their markets from foreign competition.

    And does Apple really care if it can’t sell the iPhone 4 any more? I would think this would be a win. They sell more 5s, make more money and get to blame Samsung. Score!

  4. Steve Jobs made Obama look bad on public TV a few years ago when asked why Apple doesn’t make iPhones in the USA. Obama has gone Chicago politics on Apple. So now we have the iPhone 4 decision which was ridiculous and then the iBook store ruling which was even worse. Obama will do nothing because this is part of his revenge for not playing his game.

  5. At this point, whenever I see MDN put Obama in the headline, I skip the article and go right to the idiocy. Screen shots are forwarded to my Ed friends in Europe and Asia — big laughs are heard coming back from across both ponds.

    What a bunch of fucking idiots you guys are.

    I am watching the hubris of the illiterate and unthinking sink the ship of a thousand possibilities. The sad part is, my generation produced you. How I wish abortion had been legalized sooner. May you all rot in the filth of your own degradation.

      1. Great. This site accepts homophobia too? Thankfully, know one knows how to insult asexuals, (which comprise only 1% of the US population) so I have no stake in this, but come on! First we had some Heterophobic “breeder” comments, and now this? You are making the Apple community look like trash, please be quiet.

    1. @Piccio
      Yehhh. It’s a sad state of affairs when so many:
      – take pride in bigotry, hatred and blazing ignorance
      – can’t put two logical thoughts together.
      – and think that name-calling and insult constitute discourse.

        1. Actually, sorry Piccio. I didn’t mean you. I meant the kind of person who posts are incessant barrage of brainless, frothing hatred.
          I NEVER call people names or insult them for having different opinions from me. Let’s all talk. No problem. But when somebody’s “posts” are just “asshole, shit, fuck you” and such, sometimes one just has to say “fuck off” back, or call them a knuckle-dragging idiot.

          1. hypocrisy |hiˈpäkrisē|
            noun ( pl. hypocrisies )
            the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.
            ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French ypocrisie, via ecclesiastical Latin, from Greek hupokrisis ‘acting of a theatrical part,’ from hupokrinesthai ‘play a part, pretend,’ from hupo ‘under’ + krinein ‘decide, judge.’

            1. @botvijerk
              I thought it was a pretty reasonable bargain. No problem on my side. And that’s all you can say? Come on, botvijerk, here’s your chance to act like a big boy.

            2. How do you put that together, botvijerk — that it’s okay for you to insult, belittle, name-call, but if anyone (e.g. me) throws some back at you, it sends you in raving hysterics? Hmmm. What’s that called? Double-standard? Hypocrite?

              I offer my bargain again – you stop insulting others, I’ll stop insulting you. That’s all. Very simple.

            3. It’s very nice how CLEARLY you are portraying your character for everyone to see… a poisonous little bully who thinks it’s okay to shit on others but absolutely can’t take being called on it.

            4. So what? You have respectful conversations with everyone else?
              I don’t think so.

              Just a tiny number of botvijerk quotes…
              – That’s fucking nuts.
              – fuck you
              – fuck you
              – once again, jimg, another jackass
              – fuck you
              – You are an idiot.
              – you are mentally ill.
              – ..and you are a shill
              – that is because you are blind

            5. But again, you haven’t actually countered my point. Please show how there is any conclusion possible from your quotes other that that you are a nasty twisted little fuck.

      1. As usual a “Bab’lin-Lib” J**K who mocks one that don’t put a perfect nerd phone message together cause he knows (as usual) the “Conservative” is right!!! So-Typical…I’m a big man with big fingers J**K-Off…

        1. I’m with you Kesny. Fuck these commie fucktards who don’t have the right opinions and aren’t using their freedom to do things how you think they should be done. (eyes bulging, spittle flying). FREEDOM is for those who live life the proper right-wing way.

          1. hypocrisy |hiˈpäkrisē|
            noun ( pl. hypocrisies )
            the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.
            ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French ypocrisie, via ecclesiastical Latin, from Greek hupokrisis ‘acting of a theatrical part,’ from hupokrinesthai ‘play a part, pretend,’ from hupo ‘under’ + krinein ‘decide, judge.’

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