South Korea concerned about U.S. decision to overrule Apple iPhone, iPad sales ban

“The South Korean government on Monday expressed concerns about the decision by the United States to overrule a sales ban of some Apple Inc. models,” Hyunjoo Jin reports for Reuters.

“The Obama administration vetoed a U.S. trade panel’s ban on the import and sale of some older iPhones and iPads, reversing a ruling that had favored South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. over Apple in their long-running patent battle,” Jin reports. “The move was vehemently criticized by the South Korean media as ‘protectionism.'”

MacDailyNews Take: This is oh-sooo surprising, especially since Samsung has both the South Korean government and the South Korean media nestled snugly in their hip pocket.

Jin reports, “The ministry called on the U.S. trade body and the Obama administration to make ‘fair and reasonable decisions’ as Samsung faces a decision on Friday as to whether some of its phones and tablets infringed on Apple’s patents and should be banned from imports into the United States.”

MacDailyNews Take: If you want that, then stop abusing fair and reasonable terms over Standard-Essential Patents, slavish copier.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If our mobile computing CE industry was based on stealing a U.S. company’s IP and committing rampant trade dress infringement against the same U.S. company, and then, all of a sudden, the U.S. finally grew a pair, we’d be concerned, too.

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    1. They had a lot of other corps behind them, Intel, MS ect but I’d like to know how many “put NSA code in iOS an we’ll make it go away” talks went on to make them leave it until the last minute to act

      1. I wonder about that myself and if its true Apple should go on the offensive about it and let everyone know that the crooked us government is trying to bully them into spying on their users and that Apple is being punished for standing up for their users.

        That would make it very difficult for the US to continue trying to strong arm Apple into anything and put tremendous pressure into the US government to backpedal and reverse course and stick up for Apple at every turn.

  1. Double dipping Samsung wants $16.00 FRAND for a $15 chip that the manufacturer of paid FRAND already for a dubious patent that accounts for less than .0000037 of the IP on the chip.

    Sounds fair and reasonable to me.

    1. P.E.D. pointed out in Fortune that the more concerning part of the negotiations with Apple included a demand from Samsung that Apple license to them Apple patents that are not SEP. One way of looking at such a one-two punch (higher licensing fee to one licensee & cross-licensing demands) is that Samsung was forcing Apple into an infringing position. Another way to look at it is that Samsung felt confident in their preparation of the battle field — enough palms greased, etc. — that Apple would be forced to meet their demands.

  2. I fear “Blood is thicker than water” Lucy Koh is also in Samsungs pocket. For those who want to call me racist, I can say I’m not a white american christian male.

    1. I fear “Blood is thicker than water” Lucy Koh is also in Samsungs pocket. For those who want to call me racist, I can say I AM a white American christian male.

      1. I can understand the value of color in some circumstances but when someone says “All you Americans look the same to me” (that is if you venture beyond your borders) they are not talking about the color of your skin but the smell of the “I fear” that permeates from you.

        The paranoia is palatable, and hey justifiable, heck nearly everyone it out to get you, of course that’s just tit for tat, you seem to be out to get everyone.

        Makes you a lot more distinguishable than the color of your skin.

  3. South Korean government: ‘uh, we are dumb, we didn’t read about the FRAND abuse and what Apple said about having been charged 4x the rate than other companies by Samsung, and we also didn’t read about Infineon and Qualcomm licenses and that said products already paid the licenses for the patents in question. Waaaah wail cry, we can’t read!…’

    1. Totally agree. Most of the US govt has said patents are important but FRAND needs reasonable and Fair fees not a way to keep competitors out of market.

    1. though that seems righteous – there are products from Samsung that I feel are of quality and well priced that SHOULD not be boycotted. JUST BOYCOTT the smartphones from Samsung.

  4. I am still hoping hoping this patent war will soon come to an end. It has been dragging on for half a decade now. And I’m getting tired of seeing articles about it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it is right that someone copies another or abuses the system.

    Why don’t we just let the consumer decide which is better. Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and other devices vs. Samsung’s washing machine, refrigerator, and dryer.

    1. I could not disagree more. Android is a stolen product ripping off the iPhone and never should be on the market. If android can go back to ripping off RIM instead of Apple then we can talk.

      1. Based on recent events, it seems more like Apple is only concerned about Samsung. You rarely hear apple suing HTC or other Android phone manufacturers. Heck, if this was a war on Android, why bother with Samsung instead of just confronting Google, the maker of Android?

        Not saying you are wrong. It most likely started out that way. But now, the guns are all aimed at Samsung alone. This leads me to believe that (pure) Android is no longer the focus of this war.

        1. Are you really that dumb? OK, let me explain. Going after “everyone” involved with Android is, not just impractical, but UNNECESSARY! Going after the one that blatantly copies is sufficient to stop the others. It’s called strategy.

          1. Well Paul, none of the competitors would have anything worthy to challenge Apple if it wasn’t for Android.

            Apple Designs the hardware and arranges for manufacturing to met the demands of large qualities and high quality specs required — plus Apple designs the software, the OS. IN my opinion Apple holds rights to the complete CONCEPT of this SMART PHONE… both hardware and software MAKE the innovation. So Google has to be hit harder… there has been plenty of time for other companies to rise up and offer a OS with their own hardware. WebOS and HP tried. NOKIA tried. RIM tried… Samsung could have used something other then Android. THE OPENNESS OF ANDROID lets Samsung alter and customize to be more like Apple. NO ONE here other than Apple has innovated… and the competition has made improvements and nice offerings… but APPLE should also benefit from them also – due to the ownership of what a REAL MODERN SMARTPHONE has become these days.

            Googles Android is only HALF the problem but its the right one to kill off. Apple got to market first… Google altered its OS until it was basically a clone.

          2. I also asked why not just go after Google, the creator of Android. You take out Android from the source, you take out the copycats. Wouldn’t that have been easier?

            1. agreed Steve,

              Steve Jobs wanted to go GlobalNuclear on Google and was willing to use up every penny in the Apple Vault to see Android dead.

              Was this Cooks negotiations with Jobs to try another approach?
              It is taking too long and we have yet another WINDOWS vs MAC situation because of it. Plus its another disappointment from the CEO of Apple who reaps in a huge pay cheque and is enjoying the lime light. He might be the only guy capable at the moment – but still that doesn’t make it right either.

              Apple came to market first.
              Both hardware and software are KEY to the innovation on what defines a Smart Phone since 2007. And Apple provided those TWO key components as a solution when no one else did.

              The auto industry has patents and protections from competitors.
              The pharmaceutical companies also have protection on innovations and advancements… why not Apple?

            2. The problem I see about going after Google is that Google gives Android out for free. If you sue Google for infringement, how do you calculate a penalty? They make no profit directly form Android.

          1. and HTC makes a nice phone too…

            it would be even better if it ran iOS though
            an that licensing agreement was said to be offered
            to Samsung once long ago, BUT they declined.

            Hello, the choice to steal hardware looks and design and customize Android was deliberate – BAN all Samsung phones NOW.

    2. Excepting attorneys earning a living on such matters, I think we’re all tired of this.

      But letting consumers decide implies that there is a time limit on seeking recourse for someone ripping you off. And the judicial system is not designed to meet time limits. By design the legal system seeks stability in the laws of the land.

      If we let our principles fall victim to our impatience we become a weak society indeed.

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