Bob Mansfield’s new role at Apple is to focus on chips

“Apple executive Bob Mansfield’s unexplained departure from Apple’s leadership team is due to the long-time engineer’s desire to focus on chipset design plus future products and less on executive duties, according to sources with knowledge of the change,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“As part of Mansfield’s leave from the executive team and role change to ‘special projects’ under Apple CEO Tim Cook, Mansfield’s former duties as Senior Vice President of Technologies have been split between two Senior VPs: Hardware chief Dan Riccio and Operations head Jeff Williams, according to these sources,” Gurman reports. “As Senior Vice President of Technologies, Mansfield was also in charge of Apple’s special projects engineering teams. In his new role, sources say, Mansfield will continue to contribute to special projects (such as the iWatch), and Jeff Williams will assist in overseeing management for these groups.”

Gurman reports, “With Mansfield’s connection to chips and the distribution of other teams to other executives, it seems likely that Apple has no imminent plans to instate a new Senior Vice President of Technologies. Indeed the role itself was created specifically for Mansfield last fall.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Come on, NY Times, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, LA Times, Boston Globe, Nokia, Motorola, Strategy Analytics, Enderle, Elgan, Acer, Asus, HP, CNN, Adobe, et al. . . . .

    Spin THIS Up! Apple’s falling apart, right? The end is nigh, right? The king is dead, long live ANY NEW KING, right?

    This is sure-fire grist for the Apple-hating mill Let ‘er rip, gents and ladies, one and all!

    1. @Randian, Let me add more names to your list, Bloomberg, WSJ,
      Reuter, Apple have bottomless list of Apple-haters due to jealousy. Jealousy is a human cores nothing we can do about it so let’s it be!.

      1. Jealousy is not a natural trait associated with being human…it’s a dysfunctional perspective fueled by fear and greed. It really needs to die sooner than later. Otherwise, havoc and misuse of resources will continue to rapidly deplete what is left of this shrinking pie.

        1. castelbuono is correct. It shows total lack of perspective when one is so paranoid and politically extreme that he deludes himself into believing the entire media industry has some agenda against the largest and most admired company on the planet.

          This should not be news to anyone, but “the media” merely reports whatever hearsay and controversy it can print to sell the most advertising. That is all. If you want any insight and analysis worth a damn, you really have to pay for it DIRECTLY. Hard to believe there are so many paranoid & hyper-political individuals who haven’t realized this yet. The toxic FUD slung by corporate interests, their government lapdogs, religious nuts, and greed-centric single-issue interest groups has clearly poisoned the critically-non- thinking populace.

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