Smashing Apple: Is Strategy Analytics in Samsung’s pocket?

“It may be no accident that Samsung and Strategy Analytics both chose to locate their Korean headquarters in Seoul’s prestigious Gangnam Building,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“The Boston-based research and consulting firm does not advertise its roster of clients, except to say that they include ’13 of the 15 top handset vendors,'” P.E.D. reports. “But based on the number of reports it has issued recently that cast Samsung in an unusually good light and Apple in a bad, it’s not hard to guess who is paying them and who is not.”

P.E.D. reports, “Now the objectivity of the market research on which those reports were based — market research that is widely cited in the tech press — has been called into question.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anyone who buys Samsung-branded products (phones, TVs, washers, dryers, microwaves, etc.) today is either obtuse or lacking in morals.

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    1. I’m not one for rushing into product boycotts, because the issues are usually far too complex for simplistic solutions. But Samsung loses out on two fronts for me – their products are never better than second rate and built down to a price, with very poor support if anything goes wrong – but more importantly for me, they have a very long track record of shady practices and dishonesty which goes right to the top, with a convicted criminal as a CEO.

    1. I do like their TVs. I bought one mainly because they were an Apple supplier and Apple doesn’t make a TV yet.

      I won’t buy Samsung anything until go back to supporting Apple instead of trying to cut them out. Same goes for Google. Everything was much better when they were all working together.

    2. I don’t understand this, but maybe i’m the exception.
      Upon friend’s advice, I bought a Samsung TV a few years ago.
      It’s the worst TV I’ve ever owned.
      The picture quality is poor. The remote control is confusing, poorly laid out (keys located near each other that should be far apart), it’s completely unintuitive, and this TV makes me regret buying a Samsung, every time I turn it on.

      1. If you ever need a very good washer and dryer, buy a Speed Queen made in Ripon WI. We tried a LG but it damn near shook the house apart and I wouldn’t let my wife buy Samdung. SQ is commercial quality and just plain good old fashioned washer/dryer that just works.

        1. Wow! Speed Queen. Now there’s a name from the past. Didn’t know they still exist. Something from my childhood. Don’t know if I remember that name from having been in laundromats a couple of times when i was young or if it was sold to the public? Or both? It’s still possible to buy commercial washers and dryers such as you see in laundromats today. I knew a guy a couple of years ago who ran the repair department of a large laundromat business. I don’t recall what brands he recommended. Or where to buy them. But they are available. As he said, they won’t be fancy with all the bells and whistles but they will last a long, long time. And they are serviceable.

    3. Yes you are correct. I received one two years ago for a Father’s Day present. It’s a great TV. That said, I certainly won’t be purchasing any Samsung products in the future. I don’t want to support a company that is as under handed as is Samsung. Looks as though the fanboys are beating you up unmercifully for being honest. Oh well, that happens here. Never be afraid to speak the truth. Fanboys are cowards. I had a Samsung slider cell phone before I bought my first iPhone. The original iPhone. My Samsung phone was as tough as a brick. And worked perfectly for what it was. Again, I won’t be purchasing a Samsung phone but not because I’m a fanboy. I won’t be purchasing a Samsung phone because I don’t like Samsung’s underhanded ways. Of course I’m in the Apple ecosystem so I’m not about to leave the perfectly safe walled garden. But yeah, Samsung makes some great TVs. But as a corporation I don’t like their attitude and actions. So that’s the reason I won’t buy anything from Samsung, not because I’m a fanboy. There is a difference. It’s called honesty and objectivity. And I don’t know what I’ll do when I decide to purchase a new television? Fewer and fewer manufacturers are still making televisions. I know Apple is trying to do something for the living room and I’m hoping that perhaps they will actually make a television in the process. If not, I’ll find a good one somewhere.

  1. I feel so conflicted. I am a long-time Apple mac user, and all of the phones in my family are iphones. I have told my children and friends how evil Samsung is, due to their history of theivery from Apple. The problem is that despite their history, Samsung is actually innovating now. Their Galaxy note 10.1 is very hard to resist, especially for students. The build quality is very solid. I dont’ care so much that Apple’s prices are high, because, as Samsung has shown, others can play successfully at the high-price game as well, by making a good product with great software. My issue is that apple does not allow third party app stores, and that music seems trapped on their devices. Apple also has a moral viewpoint which it forces upon their users. They pretend to be a family-oriented company, but they allow homosexual dating apps with nudity. At the same time, they disallow heterosexual swinging apps such as “banging with friends”. What if people want apps that Apple doesn’t approve of ? They are stuck with devices that are becoming increasingly difficult if not impossible to jailbreak. At least Samsung doesn’t go out of their way to limit what you can do with their devices.

    1. Samsung has plenty of money. I could use some. How much do they pay to write Samsung is innovating and other, similar bullshit?

      I know I could influence life long Apple customers to switch to Samsung, lock, stock and barrel. I’m very good at it.

      Please post a contact number for me.

    2. Nik the conflicted – Apple’s music has no DRM, plays fine on many devices, iTunes converts to MP3 if needed.
      As to the remainder of your comments, I suggest you buy a Samsung phone and get back under the bridge. You and your friends keep the noise down, you hear?

    3. As always dummies will say “Samsung innovation” and not offer up even one innovative example. And any software items they might mention wouldn’t even be Samsung’s contribution. So I ask again “WHAT Samsung innovation?” A larger phone is not an innovation btw. Do you not think Apple couldn’t ship up any size phone they desired if they so chose? Samsung in their desperation throws a lot of crap at the wall to see what sticks and will stop at nothing – cheating, lying, shills like Stragedy Analysis, etc. – to suit their ends. Apple is a little more considered about the tech than that. Nothing remotely dignified or honest about Samsung’s world.

    4. Apple don’t allow certain types of app in their store, because to do so opens them up to severe criticism from government and religious groups, which could result in their products being banned, at worst. This has already happened. It’s their store, so it’s their decision. Try going into a regular magazine retailer and complaining because they don’t have magazines about horse sex, or extreme sado-masochism, and see how far you get.
      Dating apps are totally different to apps that encourage casual sexual encounters between couples or groups.
      How do you mean, ‘music seems trapped on their devices’?
      Do you mean once installed, you can’t copy from one device to another?
      That’s because the music industry wouldn’t allow it, that inability is what allowed Apple to set up iTunes.
      Anyway, if you have iTunes, you can drag’n’drop any music onto another device connected to your computer, or a thumb drive, or memory card. I used to drag music onto an SD Micro card in a Nokia N95, which worked ok. Crappy phone, btw, SO clad to replace it with an iPhone 3G.
      And Samsung limit what you can do with your Android phone, by limiting what ability you have to upgrade its OS.
      Just wait until Samsung ditch Android, or fork it into a totally locked-up OS that they have total control over.

    5. @ nik

      curious, does samsung pay you all for every post or only if the post is a success?
      can you copy and and paste your posts elsewhere and get paid again or does it have to be worded differently?

      do you need to kiss some samsung execs ass or just sign on?

      for others not sure what i’m talking about, Samsung was charged with running fake blogs, reviews of rival products and hiring people to post on forums.
      Samsung publicly apologized in Asia saying they would be ‘more honest’ ;
      “The recent incident was unfortunate, and occurred due to insufficient understanding of these fundamental principles,”

      Samsung spends $5.3 billion worldwide on ‘marketing’ , a lot of it on smear campaigns against rivals. (This is FOUR times apple’s ad worldwide ad budget)

    6. I feel so conflicted. I have decent English skills, but this money from Samsung to betray my country and encourage people to buy criminal Samsung products is so tasty.

      Samsung is paying handsomely … I mean Samsung is innovating with its copycat.. I mean cheap and rugged products…

      My issue with Apple is that they won’t pay me money to write phones posts on blog sites and technology sites. Astroturfing is such easy money and helps support my cocain habit.

      Samsung which locks down their carrier phones the same as Apple does gets a pass for doing this from me because being a lying hypocrite is so lucrative.

      1. mmmm … neither one Dick and Fott. Say brainless, do you know how long Apple has been buying Samsung parts? Did it start before or after the copying began? Lastly, is Apple slowly moving itself off of Samsung supplies, yes or no?

        Fine to mock Apple when you are correct. But done out of context paints a completely different picture, now doesn’t it?

        1. I bought TVs from Samsung before they started copying Apple, am I also excluded from the “lack of morals and obtuse” folks even tho I still occasionally buy stuff from them?

          I am also slowly moving away from buying gizmos from Samsung.

  2. Bought two TV’s before Samsung’s reprehensible behavior came to light. Wish I didn’t own any Samsung products, but not willing to take a bath on selling them used.

  3. You all fanboys. You are all racists! You can’t accept that an Asian can surpass your white asses! Apple can’t even manufacture on its own and has instead gone to Samsung for all its parts. Then it could not put the parts all together and instead go to Asia in China for assembly. Come on fanboys, look before you leap!

    1. There is a difference between can’t and doesn’t want to. Apple coul make everything but I suspect they couldn’t make them in the numbers they do without suppliers worldwide and a large ready pool of labor such as China provides. Apple would have to hire any train nearly everyone in he country or automate everything in order to do it though. Which they won’t do until the Chinese worker becomes too expensive.

      In any case there are quite a few individual Asians that surpass most Americans, just as there are individual Americans that surpass most Asians. I doubt small phenotypic differences have anything to do with it.

      I do think the general strong support of academics in many Asian families is a very strong positive for their children’s future especially in comparison with many American families. Assuming the kid doesn’t develop an ulcer from the stress.

      As a group though Asians are just people. Just folks trying to survive. No need to build hem up or tear them down.

  4. I will admit I am an Apple fanboy and I admit that I also like Samsung TVs. If Apple made a TV, it would be a no brainer who I would buy from. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t.

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