Apple to launch iPhone 5S and low-cost ‘iPhone 5C’ on September 6th, source says

“Apple could be planning to launch the iPhone 5S and a cheaper model called ‘iPhone 5C’ on 6 September, according to new reports and a photo of allegedly leaked packaging,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld UK.

“German blog iFun cites a ‘very credible and serious source’ in a report that suggests Apple’s next-generation will launch on 6 September, alongside the rumoured low-cost iPhone,” Allsopp reports. “We’re not sure about the name “iPhone 5C” for the low-cost iPhone, though.”

Allsopp reports, “We certainly don’t think Apple would want to describe the new device as ‘cheap’ so we’re wondering what the ‘C’ in the name could stand for. One possibility is ‘colour,’ as recent low-cost iPhone leaks have shown what’s believed to be the smartphone’s chassis in various different colours.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote yesterday:

The “C” likely stands for “Color,” not “Cheap.” Although critics will likely pounce upon the latter (until Apple’s sales figures shut them up, as usual).

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      1. Well, at least it informs people of who Jim is. I guess more people will read it and get the wrong idea. Likely that most people don’t read the comments.

  1. This may be Apple’s response to the 4S IDC patent block. In the end, Samsung would block nothing. The 5C would be a repackaged 4S without the patent issues but with the new mini connector like the new iPhone 5 has.

    Better night camera would be good too!

  2. Whatever may be the point of calling it the iPhone ‘C’, if that is even going to be it’s name, I HIGHLY recommend some OTHER name. We all know perfectly well that ‘C’ won’t only be called ‘CHEAP’. It will also be called ‘CRAP’. The term ‘iPhone C’ would be a dumbass Microsoft move, entirely unworthy of Apple.

    More useful: iPhone Micro, iPhone EZ or something else that is usefully descriptive and NOT inviting derision.

    1. Yeah, because learning by history, we all know that iPhone 5S won’t only be called “SHIT,” it will also be called “SHODDY.” Totally unworthy of Apple.

      Seriously dude, I don’t know if the 5C naming rumor is accurate or not, but your reasoning not to use it is ridiculous.

            1. Oh, but it doesn’t; it is quite accurate (at least in this particular case).

              While there is no doubt that there will be a few fandroids who will try calling it iPhone Crap or iPhone Cheap (much like they did iPhone 4 Shite), nobody will ever register this.

              As I had said earlier, Apple’s hardware, whether plastic, glass or metal, will always be the BMW in the sea of Hyundais made by other makers (regardless of whether those were made of plastic, glass or metal).

              Don’t forget, Apple is NOT the only one making phones of metal and glass.

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