About Apple’s imminent release of iOS 7 beta 4

“With the Apple Developer site shutdown in the rearview mirror, attention now turns to when Apple will post the next developer release of iOS 7,” Bryan M. Wolfe writes for AppAdvice.

“Long expected to launch last week, iOS 7 beta 4 could arrive as early as today,” Wolfe writes. “This assumes that Apple continues with its unofficial schedule of releasing new updates on Mondays.”

Wolfe writes, “As we first noted on July 19, we don’t expect to see any major changes in iOS 7 beta 4. However, it would be nice were Apple to begin releasing iOS 7 beta versions of non-native apps such as iBooks, iMovie, and GarageBand. For now, even for developers, these apps remain stuck in Scott Forstall’s skeuomorphic world, which includes wood-paneled shelves, and flashing marquees.”

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  1. Samsung must be excited on the iOS7 Beta 4 release. I bet the Tizen UI guys / girls are ready for those screen grab images from that iPhone 5 in there R&D facility.

  2. Must be nice to have the developer issue in the rearview mirror. I still can’t access the site fully, despite sending Apple the receipt they gave me for my developer membership renewal three weeks ago.

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