OS X Mavericks Preview: Safari Power Saver cuts Adobe Flash off at the knees

“Nothing heats a Mac up (or drains its battery) faster than power-hungry Flash content running on a web site. Apple’s finally giving Mac users the means to cut that off at the knees with a new technology in Mavericks called Safari Power Saver,” Peter Cohen reports for iMore.

“Even the more conscientious Mac user is bound to miss it once in a while when a web page laden with Flash content loads,” Cohen reports. “All of a sudden you’re watching your battery meter drop rapidly and you notice the MacBook is running really hot, and oh, that noise – the fans have gone into high gear trying to get heat away from the motherboard.”

Cohen reports, “Apple says it a Mac CPU running Safari Power Saver can use up to 35 percent less power than before.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Speaking of flushing:

      Now that this news is out I can attest to the fact that Safari 7.0 on Mavericks runs great. From my testing, the dire RAM hogging introduced in v6.x has ended. Flash CPU devouring is over.

      My Flash test app is the ridiculous and fun ‘Rocket Toilet’ game, found at the link below. It not only runs great in Safari 7, but so does the rest of the Mac while I am playing. IOW: Happy Safari days will soon be here again. Good riddance to the Safari v6.x series, and crap Flash code no longer rulz.


    1. That will also save you from the biweekly “Update Your Flash” OS pop-ups that make you think you’re running windows they’re so frequent and annoying.

    2. Exactly what I do.

      And for “Flash required” videos on major websites: Turn on Developer menu in Safari, and change user agent to one of the Safari iOS options. After reloading the page, 90% of the time it’ll serve up the HTML5 video just fine.

        1. Youtube’s HTML5 player is surprisingly well-featured… e.g. video resolution, playback speed, annotations.

          This extension, as well as my preferred YouTube5 (which gives me options like loading video manually after checking user rating and comments) I’ll enable when Youtube tries forcing Flash for certain videos.

    1. In part because of feature creep–it merged with the animation features and programming codebase of Shockwave.

      And then Adobe didn’t optimize it for Mac hardware.

  1. ““Nothing heats a Mac up (or drains its battery) faster than power-hungry Flash content running on a web site.”

    You mean like all of the annoying moving ads surrounding the entire page on MDN?

  2. The worst part is, those morons that program Flash controls into their website, making it impossible to interact with it without having Flash enabled. Argh! And they all argue that they can’t rebuild the website to eliminate it.

    1. They probably can’t because they have no talent at building websites. The site you described is not a website but rather a flash site not too dissimilar from a municipal garbage dump.

  3. Web providers already have their sites programmed for non-Flash devices. Instead of using Flash on your computer, go into Safari Preferences and under the Advanced tab, check off “show Develop menu in menu bar.” When you go to site that demands Flash, go to the Develop menu, then under User Agent, select iPad. Safari will then tell the server you’re running an iPad and the website will reload the content and delivery it as HTML 5 instead of Flash. Uninstall Flash!

    1. This is only correct at websites that have deliberately prepared for users NOT being able to run Flash. If a website is ONLY written in Flash, you get no such luck. It’s Flash or nothing.

      In the case of your Develop menu work around, it FAILs at Flash-only websites. This also means the FlashToHTML5 extension FAILs as well. You get nothing. However, if you deliberately click on the screen, then the horror of Flash loads. This is certainly the case at my least favorite Flash infested website http://www.jimcarrey.com/

      The HORROR. The horror.

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