Beleaguered BlackBerry lays off 250 employees in wake of poor earnings

“BlackBerry Ltd has laid off about 250 of its employees at its headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, as part of its latest move to trim costs, the smartphone maker said on Thursday,” Reuters reports.

“The company, which last year cut thousands of jobs, recently hinted that more reductions were in the offing,” Reuters reports. “Last month, BlackBerry reported dismal quarterly results, which triggered a 28 percent plunge in its share price.”

Reuters reports, “Sales of its make-or-break new line of smartphones came in well below some analysts’ expectations. The results offered little evidence that the company could quickly win back market share from Apple Inc’s iPhone…”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “BatterySam” for the heads up.]

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  1. I will give props to the Canucks for not stealing Apple iOS technology, unlike the perfidious sons of bitches in Mountain View. They could have become the second mobile ecosystem but took too long to revamp the outdated OS interface and realise that physical keyboards were going the way of dinosaurs.

    Still, I know a number of people who are BB diehards who recently switched to Android (they’re Apple haters clinging on to BB). They’re a bunch of turds personality-wise anyway so going Android was probably best for them.

    If diehard BB users are switching, I fear for BB’s future. I know of someone with a BB and an iPhone who is in two minds about switching – the BB breaks down at times and the iPhone is used as a backup while they get used to using the iOS menu system.

    Some people just prefer a physical keyboard and can’t get their minds wrapped around an onscreen keyboard. Unfortunately they’re a dying breed and their numbers shrink every year that goes by.

  2. This share price thing is getting totally out of line. While I do not love Black Berry, I have even less like of anal….yst who have no idea what they are doing or saying.

    OK they can figure out a Walmart or Kmart thing but anything technical is way to advanced for them.

  3. It’s just plain sad to see anybody losing their job as a results of high ranking company official’s fault. I just wish those BB employees can get a new job soon.

    Pouring Clorox onto pile of shit trying to get rid the smell of shit will never work.

    my 2 cents…

  4. Poor Blackberry. I hated their phones with a passion. I totally disliked their co-CEO’s. However, somehow, I feel pity for them.

    I just hope the employees get a good severance package.

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