Microsoft and Google missed; Apple reports earnings next Tuesday

“When it comes to quarterly earnings reports, Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG) can be tough acts to follow,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “Not this quarter.”

“Wounded each in their own way by the shift from desktop to mobile computing, both companies reported disappointing earnings Thursday, and their shares fell sharply in after-hours trading — Google by $37.81 (-4.15%) and Microsoft by $2.23 (-6.29%),” P.E.D. reports. “Apple (AAPL) is up next, and despite the many wounds it’s suffered over the past months, it may be — paradoxically — in the best shape of the three.”

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  1. “it may be — paradoxically — in the best shape of the three.”

    No paradox at all. It’s only the stock price that has been manipulated. The company has been doing pretty well all along, it’s just that Wall Street is too stupid to notice what’s been happening in front of their eyes, but instead obsesses over unsubstantiated rumours.

    1. Idiots! It is not “paradoxically”. The shift to Apple’s iPads and Mac products is the “cause” of the loss of market share to mobile devices. What do they think will happen when Apple starts shipping the new Mac Pros here and in Europe. Apple has not sold a Mac Pro in Europe for a long time due to changed environmental standards. The NEW Mac Pro is all “Green” and ready for Europe.

      It is like saying that we think the body is cold because there is a knife keeping the heart from moving.

    2. They certainly seem to have not noticed though its been obvious for at least a year that MS was due a big hit in its earnings, you can only massage the obvious for so long. The supposed surprise is laughable.

  2. I see Apple is getting an early start on earnings. Down more than Google today. Apple is not a stock to be taken lightly by chicken-hearted investors. I didn’t actually see any bad news today for Apple but I’m reasoning that if Google didn’t do well on earnings, investors feel that Apple will do far worse. It looks as though any recent Apple shareholders are going to have another rough ride as Apple disappoints. I honestly don’t know what makes Google so bulletproof and that the company can do no wrong. Google just doesn’t have enough competition.

    I really don’t see why Apple doesn’t just jump into that space considering all the Apple devices there are. I don’t think it would cost Apple all that much just to test the waters of running a search engine. It seems as though Apple is building a pretty robust infrastructure with its server farms. It would seem there are far more server farms than what Apple can fully exploit at the moment and Apple certainly doesn’t have anything like Youtube demand.

    If Apple is really unable to maintain its current share price, I’d say the company is definitely at a crossroads and needs to make at least some revenue stream improvements.

    1. It was total monthly options expiration manipulation today. Max pain was at $425, exactly where it finished.

      Just liek the manipulation on TSLA early in the week. If you bought $10K of $108 calls the day before and and sold them at the kiw the day, You could have cleared over $1 million. However, hindsight earns you nothing.

    1. Analysts, Hedge Funds, Wall Street are GOD, they have the power over the fates of company’s stocks. Respectfully Intelligent innovators paralyzed under their power. (Stock Manipulation that’s what it is.).

      It is interesting to see AAPL on Tuesday. 🙂

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