Why Apple’s autumn releases are make or break for the company

“Reading between the lines of a series of overnight reports, Apple [AAPL] is beginning to lose momentum as months of product release drought dim public perception of the brand,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Sure, we all know Cupertino to be hard at work on a flurry of new products and services set for launch beginning this Fall, but months of relative inactivity are cutting the cord between the company and consumers — and we’re going to see evidence of this during Apple’s Q3 earnings release on July 23,” Evans writes. “Analysts have been issuing relatively downbeat assessments for the company’s Q3 financial performance. These are broadly in line with Apple’s own expectations for the current quarter: revenue between $33.5 and $35.5 billion, down on Q2 growth and flat on a year-on-year basis.”

Evans writes, “Apple’s Fall [sic] will be a make or break point for the company. Any new product launches will rightly be seen as essential to the company’s future success. These new devices must ignite the market, or Apple’s fall will truly begin.”

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    1. Arrogance in the extreme.

      Just because you can string 500 words together in a coherent fashion (not the same thing as factual or accurate), doesn’t mean you should.

      The only people concerned about Apple’s innovation “drought” are luddites that haven’t a clue as to Apple’s new product history. Bloggers such as Jonny Evans should be avoided at all costs. Going to their sites reinforces that what they post has value. It doesn’t.

  1. Yeah sure. More analyst doom ‘n gloom. You notice (an understatement) the mood is much more “take no prisoners” these days than when Steve Jobs was with us whose RDF was also a bit of a deflector shield. The financial sharks now are always swimming nearby waiting to feast, despite the fact nothing is bleeding.

    1. Microsoft innovated?

      I always thought they were a company built on stolen ideas from Steve jobs and apple coupled with illegal and non moral business tactics

    1. Oh, and to clarify…
      pundit –
      a person who speaks with the tone of authority but is often found out to be just a big gasbag handing you a lot of stuff.
      –Urban Dictionary

    2. Actually this guy is mostly pro Apple. His past articles are pretty good. However, he has fallen into the Apple needs to invent anti-gravity just to stay alive….

      So I have to say this posting is a fail.

  2. More of the same. If Apple does not invent anti-gravity, its doomed. More and more, I see Apple products in everyday use. And with a 95% retention rate, I just do not see that changing. MOre and more NEW buyers coming and staying with Apple.

    Just a thought.

  3. It’s people like this that spread the thinking that if a company doesn’t bring something completely new (usually different looking) stuff to the market, they have nothing new. Children think like that. “This iPhone is the same ’cause it looks like the last one”.
    People like this are the ones that don’t have patience to wait for something good. Us adults and well… people with brains inside their head are busy all year doing work and playing with our awesome and constantly improving iPods, iPads, iPhones and Macs ’cause they represent the latest tech available and are also so freaking cool.
    Sorry for any bad english… not my native.

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