Best Buy two-day promotion: $200 and up gift cards for Apple iPad trade-ins

“Best Buy on Thursday announced that it will be initiating a trade-in program on Friday, offering gift cards worth at least $200 for working iPad 2 and third-generation iPad models,” AppleInsider reports.

“The deal, which runs from Friday to Saturday, will allow customers can bring in their old iPads to trade in for $200, which can be put toward the purchase of the latest version of Apple’s tablet,” AppleInsider reports. “The big-box electronics retailer said that, depending on the model and condition, some iPads may fetch even more than the base $200, though the company did not specify how much higher it would go for pristine examples.”

AppleInsider reports, “Best Buy said the success of its iPhone trade-in promotion in June prompted the company to make a similar offering with the iPad. The limited-time iPhone promotion was the company’s biggest day for trade-ins on record.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Bill” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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  1. Sell am iPad/iPhone on eBay and make more, in case anyone doesn’t realize.

    But one big hassle with eBay lately for me: scammers who win your bid, then don’t pay anything, asking for your Paypal email to complete purchase.

    No one needs to hand over their Paypal email for an eBay transaction.

    It’s annoying to have a bid won by some dude who just made their account and who is pinging probably 100 ebayers a day to win 1-2 suckers who hand over their Paypal email and password.


    Here’s another place to sell your iPhone/etc. GameStop. They’ll give cash or credit. AT&T phones get more $ because of Net 10which is sold there.

    Been selling three iDevices in the last month.

  2. These retailers are really trying to clear old inventory. I’ll bet they know the new stuff is going to make the existing models look real old. I don’t have a clue about AAPL, but this seems to be a good time to hold your Apple, at least until September.

  3. Sprint offers a similar trade-in for an iPad: “$200 Buyback credit in savings, plus an additional $100 in instant savings when you sign up for a new data plan with a 2-year Agreement.” We were told the offer ends around July 18th.

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