iOS 7 beta 3 seeded to developers; what’s new

“Two weeks following the release of iOS 7 beta 2 to developers, Apple has seeded a third beta to developers for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “The update is available via the Software Update function in the iOS 7 Settings application.”

“iOS 7 beta 2 brought several enhancements including new Voice Memos and Nike+ apps, improving messaging functionality, more realistic Siri Voice, tweaks to the FaceTime, Reminders, Music apps, new accessibility features, and various user-interface tweaks across the system,” Gurman reports. “We previously detailed past changes to major iOS versions during the developer beta phase.”

Changes include:
• Status Bar larger on Lock screen
• More transparency for folder backgrounds
• New Fonts in Weather app
• Redesigned music controls
• and much more

See descriptions and accompanying screenshots of all of the changes and additions here.


    1. What is fatally flawed is the restriction in the App/iTunes store on ratings and reviews where one only sees items from one’s own national store. In small countries this means no statistical significance, often very few reviews at all.

      This is especially bad since many apps are region, even language agnostic.

      Many users would benefit if they could select which audience to view the reviews/ratings from, e.g. English+Dutch, to include material from many countries, including the US, the UK, etc., Holland, Flanders, …

  1. “Them newfangled auto mo bills will never work as good as a buggy: You sit inside the darn thing! And you have to crank the motor rather than just telling your horse to giddy up!”

  2. Since I left The Ios Eco-system, I keep looking back to see if Apple can hook me back up from Android. But I have to say, I am massively under-whelmed with Apple. IOS 7 is refreshed and it might be good for retaining IOS users but I am afraid it won’t help in bringing back Android users

    1. If you are happy with Android, that’s great, you are obviously looking for something Apple can’t give you. Choice is a good, so why are you here?

            1. Apple has nothing to do with whatever device you are using, other than the fact that the interface was copied from Apple.8-)
              Are you worried that your phone maker will copy the new iOS 7 interface? 😉
              Do not worry about that. Your phone will never get another update to it’s OS. 😛

            2. Well the trouble is that you aren’t really expressing an opinion are you except in the most broad unsubstantiated way which a monkey could do. You haven’t actually said one word about why you prefer droid to iOS or what you would want change or added to ‘come back’ or what is better over there indeed so you can hardly be surprised that in the meantime with no objective/substantiated opinions you are deemed to be a troll who is really here just to try to disrupt our debate and stick your nose in the air at us.

            3. @ spy

              It was a random comment, where I stated what I felt about Ios 7 as compared to Android in a summarized way It was not meant to show any ill-will towards Ios users. But it seems any pro-android statement, even constructive criticism, is hostility.

              If you want facts then I will be more than happy to share.

              1. In terms of looks IOS7 is dividing opinion some people like it, others don’t. Android on the otherhand let’s you customize to your hearts content how your U.I looks is completely up to you. How difficult was it for apple to come up with different themes to suit different people’s taste? Give people a sense of individuality for God’s sake.

              2. Ios 7 brings nothing new on the table. Ios is just playing catch up to Android at this point. The copy-but-better-implemented arguement does not even hold for example the auto-update apps feature has been available on Android datingas far back as froyo around 2008/9. Ios allows for a blanket update of apps which can be switched on and off, In Android you are given blanket option or per app or schedule your app updates. Android has obviously implemented app updates better than IOS 7 or at-least upro beta 2. There is virtually nothing introduced in Ios 7 that Android users havn’t been enjoying except maybe transparency and real time blurs which aren’t enough to attract most Android users.

              3. Android is the more powerful of the 2 OSes. It allows me to do more things with my phone, it has the better filing system and it ia more compatible with other Platforms.

              And to clarify I use nexus devices so I receive all Android o.s updates as soon as they are releasesd so my device is future-proof in terms of software.

            4. I could argue the points you’ve made, but it really wouldn’t be worth the time for either one of us, this being a Mac forum. So I’ll just say this.

              You are part of a minority: the Android power-user. As such, Apple and iOS will probably never give you what you want, because Apple is not all that interested in your business. What Apple’s customers want and what you want are just too far apart. Apple’s core customers don’t want to spend much time customizing their hardware, and they don’t want to spend any time setting up their device to work with anything else. They want it to “just work” and are willing to give up some freedom of use in return for that. Apple’s devices all work together with practically no effort required.

              Apple isn’t interested in making iOS appealing to Android power-users any more than they want to make OS X appealing to Linux aficionados.

              So go and be happy with Android. I will continue to love my iPhone and the countless things I can do with it.


  3. Have you seen the Disney computer animated cartoon Wreck-It Ralph? You should, it was made using Macs. In the animated film, the bad guys, the flying moths called Cy-Bugs, are attracted to bright lights. Give them a source of bright light and they will fly towards it, even to the extent of self destruction.

    iOS 7 is like that, a fatal attraction for Ives and his team. They can’t help being attracted to its crappy icons, its too thin fonts, its lack of taste and its unflattering flatness. And like the Cy-Bugs, they won’t see until it’s too late that iOS 7 is a dog’s breakfast of mediocrity.

  4. Good, because the last beta version was extremely buggy. My iPhone 4 was almost unusable… I know this is a complete redesign, but the code should have been further along before they released to developers.

    1. Not sure why this comment has so many low votes. The initial release and first fix were extremely buggy. Probably the worst its ever been. This latest release seems to be much better!

      1. Not sure why this comment has so many low votes.

        Maybe because the idea that first beta was released “too early” is kinda stupid. Sorry, but initial betas are always a mess. It’s the job of early beta testers to help clean up the mess.


  5. The new depth illusion means more processing power needed for little functionality. Unfortunately, people with “older” devices will be left in the cold before they should be.

    From Android users it is said that they can’t update their systems to the latest version, some kind of lock-in into the version that was initially installed.

    iOS is going down the same alley, just because it needs all this processing power, only the very latest devices will be able to run iOS7.

    1. Not sure it compares at all.

      Since its inception, iOS has been functional on Apple’s hardware at least three generations back. Current iOS 6 works on 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. iOS 7 is expected to work on 4, 4S, 5 and whatever ends up released in the fall, when iOS comes out. So far, each model of iPhone had at least three system version upgrades before it reached end-of-support status.

      So, the oldest iPhone running current model, 3GS, was released with iOS3 when it came out.

      If were in Android world, this would mean having a phone that was originally released when FroYo was the most recent system updateable all the way to Jelly Bean. The mere thought of that makes me laugh really hard. You’d be lucky if your old Froyo device could get Gingerbread, forget about Ice Cream Sandwitch, let alone Jelly Bean…!

    2. iOS is going down the same alley, just because it needs all this processing power, only the very latest devices will be able to run iOS7.

      No, what will happen is what Apple has always done. Older devices will have some feature limitations. For example, if you’d actually RTFA, you’d have learned that the 4S will be using a simplified Siri interface with fewer transparencies.

      Apple has always done it this way. Way back when they introduced the Dashboard in OS X, older Macs could use it, but didn’t get some of the animations that the new graphics packages could support.


  6. I finally got a chance to use iOS 7 for an extended period (I was unwilling to install it on my phone). It just feels futuristic. After playing with the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta 2 for an hour or so, I can say two things:

    1) I’m glad I’m not running it yet, it’s extremely buggy still.

    2) my phone felt completely lame and outdated after using the iOS 7 iPhone 5 for an hour. And I have an iPhone 5 running 6.1. I mean the look and feel is HUGE. I agree anyone looking at screen grabs might feel it’s too bright or pastel or whatever, but in actual use, it’s elegant and futuristic. My phone felt immediately outdated. Good job Apple. I can’t wait to use it!

  7. 1) There’s a reason they call it “beta”
    2) They release them to developers to get feedback in order to refine it to make it final, hence why it’s buggy, stop complaining
    3) It looks pretty
    4) It doesn’t have a stupid name based off a candy. P.S I can’t wait for Jelly Roll Donut or after that, Wine Gum.

    1. There is a certain irony in claiming that iOS looks childish or girly when Android has nothing but childish names to work with I have to say. Choosing such names must say something about those who work with it.

      1. Yeah, but Android is a man’s OS!! Real men love manually customizing their hardware, just like they manually customize their kitchens and cars! And they love the risk of malware, because real men love DANGER!

        Android! A real OS for real men! Grunt, grunt, p-too!


    2. Come on… if Apple had named their OS updates after candy, you’d be all over it. It’s more human and natural than just a number.

      You may have some other points, but I think the candy names are fantastic!

      OS X Mavericks, anyone?

      1. Android is definitely appealing to younger generations, and poking fun at the industry overall I think? Bold move by them, but I for one don’t like the idea.

        Mavericks is based on the surfing spot in Northern Cali, just like pipeline in Oahu. The name apparently is based on a surfers dog named maverick(dunno how reliable that is). OSX Mavericks represents a new wave of innovation, away from meowing cats and into a powerful operating system, just like the sheer power of a 25 foot swell. Also, google Phil Schillers house, and you’ll notice a close proximity to Mavericks…

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