Happy Independence Day!

U.S. FlagHappy Independence Day!

We’re taking the day off to hang out with family and friends, watch fireworks, and celebrate Independence Day (United States).

If you’re celebrating today, too, we wish you a happy and safe Fourth!

To everyone else, thank you for visiting MacDailyNews!


MacDailyNews Note: Click for The Declaration of Independence.


  1. Thank you for saying Independence Day. Drives me crazy when people say Happy 4th of July. That’s like saying Happy December 25 instead of Merry Christmas.

    Everyone have a great day wherever you are!!

      1. I agree totally with him. Did you know that every other country in the world also has a fourth of July? It is just another day in the week for them but in the US, it marks their independence on jolly old England and her laws and taxes. Now you get to pay your taxes to your own government.

        1. Electro read the full declaration of I dependancy including all the listed greivences, it will give you more perspective on why America broke off from England. It had a lot more to it than a few taxes.

            1. It was meant to be the Declaration of Independence but somehow I typed it wrong. The link MDN provided is worth reading if you haven’t read the full docent before. Taxes were just a small part of why America fought for independence.

      2. That’s a bit harsh Mel. It does mean something to a lot of people that America got its independence from England on the 4th of July and became a separate sovereign country.

        Maybe it’s not a big deal to you, but no reason you have to insult and call it sad.

      1. The people of the UK were happy with their monarchy, unlike the French and there is still huge support and respect for them today. Yes they live on taxes, but they spend their entire lives serving the people. Harry was on the frontline in Afghanistan and William flies rescue helicopters. They are good people that stand for one of the only things left that are truly British.

  2. Spent most of the afternoon wishing obvious Americans Happy 4th of July here in London. For once you guys are being as obvious as the Canadians are, covering yourselves in the flag etc. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. What a lovely day we have had! Americans are a great people! 🙂
    Do not mistake the American people as being the same as their government. Their government is a disgrace to its people “sometimes”

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