Skyhook: Google co-founder Sergey Brin sabotaged our relationship with Apple

“Documents in Skyhook’s third legal action against Google have surfaced, accusing Google co-founder Sergey Brin of disparaging it towards Apple in the early days of geolocation on Apple’s iPhone,” Electronista reports. “Skyhook believes that Brin ‘had discussions with Apple representatives about Apple’s announcement regarding Skyhook’s location technology and Google’s displeasure with it.'”

Electronista reports, “In its court filings, Skyhook claims that ‘Having apparently disparaged Skyhook’s technology to Apple, Google proceeded to then launch the same Wi-Fi based location technology by infringing Skyhook’s patents. Thus, Mr. Brin’s statements and documents may be relevant to Google’s willful infringement because they would show Google’s awareness of Skyhook’s technology at the highest echelons of the company. Mr. Brin’s statements and actions may also be relevant to non-obviousness of Skyhook’s patents if in fact Mr. Brin disparaged the same methodology that Google soon after employed and monetized.'”

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    1. Don’t be evil should take a hit. It would be in Apple’s advantage to utilize Google for services. Look at the slow pullout from Samsung. The Google pullout wasn’t anywhere near this slow. Software by its own nature locks people in. Maybe that’s why. Maybe someone should let the French know about this. They, apparently, are idiots. Anyway… back to Google… Time and time again we see hints of Google’s dirty laundry… the result of their sheer willingness to invade us and our privacy publicly… It’s abuse and some people are so stupid they love it and ask for more. We read so much on the internet and Google specifically is able to monetize so much advertising dollars from it… I constantly have to consider the angle and intension of each story before even considering passing judgement…

      1. One of my friends just took a job with Google on the glass project. He started drinking the Google Kool-Aid immediately. So, instead of “Joe”, we now call him “Evil Joe”.

  1. That makes sense now …Eric T mole was not alone in decieving Apple and Steve Jobs. Brin endeared himself to Steve Jobs and even called him a mentor ( as reported alway), while seemingly plotting to back stab both…

    “Don’t be evil” my ass! Google is the epitome of evil and mistrust.

    1. I rarely use Google search, don’t use google mail. I do use google docs but only because some people I work with do and this that’s under duress. I am not a google member, and avoid the company as much as possible because I find the company more frightening than MS ever was.

  2. Most people incorrectly assume Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” is a contraction of “Do Not Be Evil.” That is a fallacy. It is short for “Donut Be Evil.” They just really hate donuts. But they have no qualms about being evil.

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