Apple’s victory is complete

“Apple’s victory is complete. The company has set the bar for PC and mobile device design, and has influenced the design process across the entire technology industry. Apple [AAPL] has defined the technology industry,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“You don’t have to look too far to find evidence of this. Take Apple’s MacBook range — these thin, aluminium systems were unique to the market when the Titanium PowerBook first appear[ed], now everyone (HP to Samsung to Dell) seems to offer a similar seeming system,” Evans writes. “Apple has also defined mobile device design. That fracas over “rounded corners” in the iPad and its imitators can’t hide the fact that most tablets seem incredibly similar in appearance to an iPad — at least to any ordinary human being. Thin rectangular oblongs with touch displays may have been an Apple-first implementation, but that didn’t stop others ‘innovating’ in the same direction.”

Evans reports, “It’s the same deal for smartphones, of course — indeed, about the only difference most ordinary people may be aware of in these is likely to be the size of the display. They later learn to compare the efficiency and availability of tech support.”

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  1. Another delusional fanboy article. If Apple had won, then why is it busy copying and ripping off the look and feel of other major OSes? OSes like WP8, webOS, BB10 and Android.

    The only reason is that Apple feels beleaguered so it feels it has to stave off the inevitable decline by copying the work of others to hopefully stay in touch with the masses.

    Unfortunately, the side effect of the copying is worse than the sought for cure. Copying a failed OS like Windows 8 means that Apple is surreptiously boarding the Titanic with a couple of tickets to hell.

    1. Wow you can’t get much more “delusional” than this. OS X looking like Windiws 8? You are one of those guys who insists “Don’t believe your eyes, believe what I tell you.” Back under the bridge troll.

    2. Given that the OSes you listed, and the hardware they run on, were largely based on Apple iOS, from basic underlying principles to appearance, some similarities in design language are hardly worth noting. Moreover, the flat/minimal/modern design of iOS is widespread today, so to say that those OSes were instructive is misleading.

      1. EVERYONE copies EVERYONE else. It is the nature of things. To say that Apple copies no one is as incorrect as it is to say that Apple only copies others.

        The reality is that Apple copies less much than most and innovates much more than most. Additionally, extremely rarely are Apple’s “copies” just simple copies but rather are typically significant improvements upon that copy.

    3. Considering all the “other major OSes” copied Apple in first place, or they wouldn’t be around at all, it is absolutely hilarious that you are claiming Apple is copying them. The ONLY reason you think so is because they already look a lot like iOS, so any refinement by Apple to iOS causes idiots to claim Apple is the one doing the copying. LOL…

  2. Agreed Breeze.
    Apple is peerless. When buying a tech gadget I consider Apple first. If they don’t sell it or what they have doesn’t fit the bill i took at the second tier vendors.
    If only Micros**t has the product I go without.

  3. Thin rectangular oblongs with touch displays may have been an Apple-first implementation, but that didn’t stop others ‘innovating’ in the same direction.”
    I disagree with this sentence above in this story. “Copying” not innovating by others to an obvious degree. Apple was the only innovator here by far and wide.

  4. Wow – you just used the word Apple with the word Beleaguered! Good for you! You might be a little late on that one though, it worked much better before they had close to $170B in the bank.

  5. That’s what Custer and Napolean said. The day Apple thinks it has won is the day Apple starts losing. The reward for hubris is failure and irrelevance.

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