Apple hires former Yves Saint Laurent CEO for ‘special projects’

“Apple Inc has hired the former chief executive of French luxury group Yves Saint Laurent for ‘special projects’ reporting to Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook,” Poornima Gupta reports for Reuters.

Gupta reports, “‘We’re thrilled to welcome Paul Deneve to Apple,’ spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said. ‘He’ll be working on special projects as a vice president reporting directly to Tim Cook.'”

Gupta reports, “It is unclear what special projects Deneve will be overseeing at Apple.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Nice. Just more proof that Apple has style and class. Did Gaagle or Micro$loth ever get anyone sophisticated for their projects? (Fine, Brian Eno did make the start up sound for Windblows 98, but that’s about it.)

  2. Tim might have admired, for example, Saint Laurent’s quintessential heel sandals, as at home in Riverside as on the Riviera. Iconic and ubiquitous: a killer combination in fashion, temptingly extensible to personal, and wearable, tech.

      1. Pish-tush. He may possess a discerning eye unblemished by gender stereotypes, or he may be laying fresh demographic assault plans in the war room. Either way, every inch the leader; and you can be sure he will not offer hot pink mobile phones with matching perfumes as some of his pandering competitors have done.

        1. Hannah, your smooth language and wordplay evoke certain strange but strong feelings. Are by chance you available for stimulating telephone… uh… consultation?

            1. WIRE bullet bras. Hide your electronic devices in your cleavage, protected by your Faraday Cage™ Bullet Bra! Look hot while keeping that pesky NSA away from your best assets. Yeah! 😀

    1. Good! Most gays I know and am friends with have impeccable taste in design and fashion, plus have successful businesses of their own. Maybe Microsoft should hire a gay CEO instead of the big fat hetero-Sweat Monkey who’s left nut has jumped ship and is over here all the time.

      1. I’m a bit worried about BLN. He’s been absent from what would have been some dandy boxing matches for the likes of him. I’m thinking that his more rational posts failed to garner the accolades he deserved, whilst his aggressive rants were consistently downgraded. Could it be possible that this new star ranking system constitutes a new kind of deterrence? More likely, he became bored at the yawn-inducing parade of predictable comments.

    1. Come on!!! … that was a lame attempt to wind up the “sheeple” We can do better Edward … EDWARD!

      … need my Sumdung blankly now … Mummmmy!

    1. Thanks for that. Put some perspective on the hire. From Wiki it appears he has been mostly involved in management at the top level.
      It will be interesting to see what he is involved in. Doesn’t exactly have the retail expertise so probably not that.

      1. That brings back memories of my uncle. English Leather was his favorite cologne in the 1970s. His woman liked it, not sure about the scent you suggest … 😉

          1. Horse people are certainly a different breed. 🙂

            Never been to a Tack Shop. However, a fresh leather scent is something I have experienced elsewhere and “has a unique bouquet.”

            Quote from Sophia Loren in “Grumpier Old Men.”

    1. Agreed on the hideous part. But disagree the pallor (great word) will change. The girls and gays are just giddy with delight! The rest will soon get a great street view of the undercarriage of a city bus.

  3. I really hope that the special projects for Timmy does not incorporate turning Apple to Gaypple.

    Maybe it’s time for Scott Forstall to come back to Apple as CEO, Timster can either become the new chairman or go back to being COO.

  4. Apple solidifies its pretentiousness. You would think that after the public’s disdain for the self-aggrandizing “Designed in Califronia” ads Apple would have taken a more circumspect view of their corporate identity and brand loyalty.

    1. Possibly they are not very PROUD of the USA? Hope not. Considering massive protests in Egypt, sentiment against the USA is flaring up again, makes you wonder …

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