iOS 7 beta usage shows interest in Apple pre-release software on the rise

“Apple’s iOS 7 is growing quickly with more [iPads] and iPhones running the beta software than were running iOS 6 at the same time last year, according to new data released by mobile web optimizing company Onswipe,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch.

“The startup found that by July 1, 2013, 0.28 percent of all iPad visits to its mobile-optimized sites were from devices running iOS 7, and as of June 17, 0.77 percent of all iPhones making Onswipe visits were also on the new beta OS,” Etherington reports. “Compared to iOS 6, those numbers, while small, have increased considerably. 0.19 percent of all iPad visits were on last year’s beta software as of June 25, and only 0.38 percent, or under half of iPhones ran the pre-release mobile OS.”

Etherington reports, “The takeaways from Onswipe, according to CEO Jason Baptiste, are that developers are around twice as excited about iOS 7 as they were about iOS 6, and that they’re spending more time getting ready for the big changes coming in the new version of Apple’s mobile OS…”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


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  1. Yes, for kids under five and lobotomised Apple fanboys who will suck up any shit Cupertino produces.

    For the discerning artist, iOS 7 is a pile of crap.

    1. Oh you wish:
      For the discerning artist, iOS 7 is a pile of crap

      Suck on it, anonymous coward ‘Lobotomized’. Enjoy the sheer suffering of watching Apple continue to thrive, despite the FUD warz from the TechTard brigade minions. BWAHAHAHA! 😉

  2. OR . . .

    It shows how many people want to test a significantly redesigned iOS 7, with completely new visuals and new gesture controls, rather than the fairly incrementally changed iOS 6.

    1. You break the law, break Apple’s non-disclosure agreement, then come here to report than it’s buggy as hell.

      How about you get iOS 7 beta legitimately, follow Apple’s NDA, then report to APPLE that it’s buggy as hell? That would actually be useful, helpful, important and meaningful. Being a lazy loud-mouthed pirate to the public at large is NOT. 😛

      1. Non-disclosure?? How many media ‘analysts’ have already reported what’s in iOS 7?

        Illegal? I don’t recall seeing any notice, warning, or message indicating any form of agreement.

        Loud mouth? I’ve only reported, here I might add, what I’ve found. Hardly justifies your attack.

        In the past, techies used to appreciate other’s opinions about development and testing efforts.

        1. I know I know. But they (are supposed to) legally have a copy and (are supposed to) have approval from Apple PR.

          Yes, breaking an NDA is a legal offense. You’re signing a contract. No disclosure of details about what you’re testing. You don’t get the betaware without approving the NDA.

          But if you don’t want to test betaware, don’t approve the NDA. That’s your choice.

          Stealing betaware: Illegal
          Not signing the NDA have having betaware: Illegal
          Bragging about having stolen the betaware, not signing the NDA and blabbing to the world about the betaware: Really really stupid. I’m not gonna sic Apple on you, but I won’t be upset if someone did, dummy. 😛

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