Apple files trademark applications for another big round of new colorful iOS 7 Icon designs

“Apple’s new iOS 7 icon trademark applications began to roll out of the US Patent and Trademark Office late last Friday beginning with FaceTime,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“On Monday, an avalanche of new iOS 7 icons rolled out of the US Patent Office and Trademark Office (USPTO) with 6 new jumbo color icons along with 17 new black and white icons coming out of Canada’s IP Office,” Purcher reports. “Today, USPTO published yet another round of 10 jumbo colored iOS icons.”

Purcher reports, “The majority of Apple’s new icon designs have been generally applauded by the Apple community with several exceptions being booed in the hopes of getting Jony Ive’s attention. Many are hoping that Apple will further refine some of the icon designs before iOS 7 rolls out this fall.”

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  1. At the rate Apple is going, I look forward to the day when they apply to patent a lump of turd. Oh wait, iOS 7 is a steaming pile of shit, so there goes my theory of patenting shit.

    1. Thanks for your penetrating insight and persuasive logic.

      Maybe, however, you’d like to reconsider — and realize your personal opinion and taste do not constitute a universal truth. If you realized that, you might express yourself with a little more modesty and without the potty mouth.
      (Yeh, I know it’s not actually going to happen. By the way, how old are you? 14?)

    1. For one you are no longer making a left turn on to US-280. The old icon, although new in its own right, was patently wrong. The new icon is a simplification in as much as a correction.

  2. As far as the icons, I like some of the new ones, some of the old one, and neutral for others.

    Maps: New
    Settings: Old
    Clock: New
    Photos: Mixed
    App Store: Neutral
    Camera: Mixed but I think I am weighing towards new. The old one looks cool, but you would never guess it was a camera if you didn’t know.
    Music: New
    Calendar: New
    Safari: Old
    Messages, Contacts, Passbook, FaceTime, iTunes Store: Neutral
    Notes, Reminders, Calculator, Voice Memos: Mixed – Old
    Weather: Old
    Compass: New
    Came Center: Mixed
    News Stand: Mixed
    Stocks: New
    Video: Neutral

    So why the mixed bag? Because I know that the icons need to be consistent. Although I like some of the old icons, I know it’s time to move forward, and hope that maybe the new icons I don’t like, will get better or grow on me.

    They definitely made some improvements, and I hope there’s more to come. I don’t think that “flat” means less detail. But for me I never understood the compass for Safari. Since they have a compass app, it’s a bit of a conundrum.

    Anyway, great job Apple, I am exited for the future.

    1. Most cars have ‘flat’ paint, metallics cost extra. I think it’s about time Apple dropped the faux-enamelled look of the app icons; they’re not buttons, they’re just an avatar that launches the app, making them look like they’re 3D, on a flat glass surface, has got pretty old and tired. I just need to be able to see, clearly and quickly, that I’m selecting the app I want, I don’t need extra embellishment, like an icon styled to look like a real camera lens, I just need a clear and unambiguous symbol that tells me ‘camera’
      As for the colours, as I’ve said before, once the apps have been re-arranged, some hidden away in folders with loads of other apps, some replaced by alternatives, and some hidden completely, (hopefully), the screen will look totally different, and the colours will be much more muted as a result, something a few on here don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand, so continue to throw tantrums like five-year-old’s denied a candy bar.
      Like one toddler above, who’s mummy’s forgotten to change his nappy, judging by his post.

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