13 surprise features we’ve discovered in iOS 7 beta

“For those who haven’t seen our collection of 87 screenshots, iOS 7 [beta 1] is a beautiful build,” Dave Smith reports for International Business Times. “Completely redesigned to be more focused and simplified, iOS 7 is the same elegant mobile ecosystem users have grown familiar with, but Apple has reimagined all its first-party apps to be more clean and modern, and has added a boatload of new practical features as well.”

“So while iOS 5 and iOS 6 introduced many important features like the Notification Center and iCloud, iOS 7 perfects these features and adds even more important functions, such as the new Control Center for easy app control and much better multitasking capabilities,” Smith reports. “There’s so much to see and do in iOS 7, but in the 11 days since the iOS 7 beta was released, besides the obvious new features, users have discovered a number of small yet significant changes in iOS 7.”

Here’s but a small sample of the new features users will find in iOS 7:

1. Manual App Updates
2. Landscape Multitasking
3. The Clock [icon] is Alive, But Weather Remains Static
4. Apps Ask To Use Microphone
5. Automatic Day/Night Mode
6. Apple Spins Off FaceTime [standalone app]
7. Dynamic Font Size
8. No More Custom Fonts In Notes
9. Today [in Notification Center] Provides Traffic Info
10. Maps Options
11. Better Music Controls
12. Application Blues And Blueprints
13. Video Zoom

Read all about ’em in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dwayne” for the heads up.]


  1. Also, I noticed the beta of Mavericks hinted at a possible feature that might be in iOS. In Mavericks I had the option to share a list of Reminders in the Reminders app, similar to how you share a photo stream.

    1. Stephen

      You can already share a Reminders List in iOS 6. Just go to Reminders on your Mac, set up a new list and click just to the right of the list name. You’ll see you can share it and select a person. .

      I have a number of Reminders Lists I share with others, including a shared shopping list with my wife – she adds Pasta to the list, I see it and buy it. I delete it from the list and she knows she’ll be eating Pasta for dinner since the item gets deleted from her list.

      Enjoy! TB

  2. Features and functionality are positive moves in the right direction. The look of the thing is pure sissy. Hard to get beyond it but maybe it will evolve into something not quite so embarrassing.

    1. Did you read the commentary that suggested that the color scheme is right on target for users in cultures where bright colors are de rigur like some African, India and China?

    2. Sissy! Deary me, what are you, ten? MTFU, a *real* man wouldn’t give a shit, and would happily wear a pink shirt, for example.
      Snivelling little girls, whining about a few colours that nobody else will be able to see when you’re using the OS; grow a pair, for heaven’s sake.

  3. 1 thing that bugs me. Control Centre doesnt let us control the 3G!!! Only wifi where u switch that off. But not 3G! Where u need to go settings to change it!!!! Fuck!

    1. Yes!!! And another thing!!! It doesn’t let me control the ! key!!!! They are everywhere!!!!! And every time I type u and 1 it changes it to u and 1!!!!!

  4. How on earth does ‘no custom fonts in notes’ count as a feature?!

    Albeit a mostly unecessary font gimmick, removing it is hardly a feature. Lousy. Apple should avoid trimming too much fat.

    1. “BIG BOO” APPLE! I just sent Apple a “WTF?” feedback message along with the hope that MARKERFELT makes it back into the iOS7 actual release.

      1. Not that I care for it but I see no reason to remove such a minute feature that can be handy for some. It’s just a beta tho, so who knows how it’ll be in the end. Just keep voicing your concerns to (Apple)

  5. Apple should also spin off a few other apps to make them independent of hardware and os updates:

    – Apple Mail
    – Reminders

    otherise it becomes a rort to make us upgrade the entire os just to get the latest email program, and forces us to give Apple money for new Mac when our old hardware can’t take the new os.

      1. I think he means make them a separate download like iBooks instead of part of the system update. The idea being that the mail should be able to be updated more frequently with more features.

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