‘Jobs’ theatrical trailer released (with video)

“Jobs” is a 2013 biographical drama film based on the career of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, not to be confused with Sony’s biopic, “Steve Jobs” based on Walter Isaccson’s official biography with an adapted screenplay by Aaron Sorkin.

“Jobs” was directed by Joshua Michael Stern, written by Matt Whiteley, and produced by Mark Hulme and Marcos A. Rodriguez. The title role is played by Ashton Kutcher. Josh Gad plays the role of Apple Computer’s co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak, Dermot Mulroney plays Mike Markkula and Matthew Modine plays John Sculley.

The film covers Jobs from his early years as an impressionable youth and wayward hippie, through his initial successes and infamous ousting, to his storybook return and ultimate triumphs as a man who set out to change the world and did just that.

The theatrical trailer has now been released via Yahoo! Movies:

Direct link to video via Yahoo! Movies here.

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    1. You bet. His hot picture in the striped sweater from the 1980’s graces my desktop every day. Thankfully work apps cover it up so I get something done all day.

  1. No iSteve (thank Jobs), but definitely Pirates of Silicon Valley-ish. What more could you do, though? You’re telling the same story, albeit further along than when Pirates was made. Better production value, but a lesser lead. What’s up with the terrible Woz casting (and writing) in all of these?

    1. I wouldn’t put the two leads in the same category. Kutcher (as annoying as he may be to some people here) is an actor of broad range and ability. Noah Wyle, as charming as some here may find him, is a TV actor of fairly limited talent and skill. In the “Pirates”, he did his best to imitate Jobs’s mannerisms and speech. It made many Apple fans happy, as he sounded and looked somewhat like Jobs, but the character in the movie was two-dimensional and unrealistic. I’ll reserve my judgement of Kutcher for after seeing the film, but judging by the trailer, he shows quite a lot more acting skill in it than the other guy. There is a reason why one stars in feature films and the other never did.

  2. I am intrigued.

    For anyone who thinks this is going to satisfy everything they believe a movie about Jobs/Apple ought to be, don’t get your hopes up. But the trailer looked like the movie does capture some of the history and emotion of the time. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  3. Gotta see it just to relive it for a moment.
    My life contained the best years of The Beatles and Steve Jobs. Couldn’t ask for more. 3 gone, 2 left. At least I’ve had the privilege to see one of them in person on stage before the final curtain. And it wasn’t a Beatle, but I’m just as happy (1x demo-ing the NExt computer and 3x at MacWorld Keynotes.

  4. I can’t wait. I’ve been around for the whole ride and if done correctly, it will be a great experience for this new generation of Apple customers. If they do it right, it will drive Apple product sells numbers even higher. How could one possible dream that people would actually pay to see a 2 hour advertisement of the man and the products. The old saying, “best advertising money can buy” will get thrown out the door. It will now be, “the best advertising people are willing to pay for”. Haha

    Lets see Microsoft do that.

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