Samsung unveils hybrid tablet that runs both Android and Windows 8 apps

“Samsung Electronics Co. introduced its first tablet that can run both Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 8 and applications based on Google Inc.’s Android software,” Amy Thomson reports for Bloomberg.

“The ATIV Q tablet will let users share files between Windows 8 and Android applications, Samsung said at an event to unveil the new device in London today,” Thomson reports. “The hinged device also has a keyboard that lets the tablet operate like a laptop.”

Thomson reports, “Apple’s iPad started the boom when the device was released in 2010. Cheaper alternatives to the iPad, which is priced from $399, will drive wider adoption, IDC said. Cupertino, California-based Apple began selling the iPad Mini last year, which is priced from $329 on the company’s website.”

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“The Q sports a 13.3-inch display with a 3,200 x 1,800 (qHD+) resolution (that works out to 275 ppi),” Sarah Silbert reports for Engadget. “To switch between Android Jelly Bean and Windows, you simply have to press the Start button (no reboot required), and you can pin Android apps to the Windows screen and vice versa. Under the hood is a Core i5 Haswell processor which Samsung rates for up to nine hours of battery life.”

Silbert reports, “No pricing info was announced at the event in London, but we know the ATIV Q will launch in the UK later this year.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Now, if only it could run iPad apps, Samsung would really have something.

Android tablet apps plus Windows 8 tablet apps combined still number in just the hundreds. It’s laughable. Apple’s App Store offers 375,000+ apps designed for iPad/iPad mini.


    1. Again, Apple comes out with extended hours on an MacBook so innovative Samsung said they will too some day. Just need a little more time to (Copy) innovate some more. Does that mean their tablet will now get Android and Window viruses and spyware? They may be the first to blend pig and cow dung together and get people to buy it. That is pure Samsung innovation!

        1. no need, Google handles that portion already, after all Google handles the os – right – Samsung is a manufacture of the handsets… i see Google and Android the real problem not Samsung — this only shows Samsung can switch hit. Or trade up OSes anytime, there are lots to choose from – lol. Maemo, Symbian, WebOs, Metro, MeeGo, Mobin and Ubuntu. You shall see Samsung flee to whomever they have no loyalty. Better they make there own OS; then its worthy to pee on them.

  1. It’s like Samsung, Google, and Microsoft all mated together, and the rancid seed of M & G caused the Samsung egg to split almost in half, resulting in conjoined twins where BOTH sides are retarded. And butt-ugly.

    Obviously should’ve been an abortion.

    Or ideally, somebody should have pulled out.

    And in this unholy coupling, it’ll be any unwary customers who ultimately get f***ed.

    (Yes, I’m having fun with this one!!)

  2. So basically we have a netbook upgraded and modded into a notebook with a tablet veneer. Now everyone will yelling that Apple is doomed unless they can match this POS. I hope Samsung make tens of millions of these hybrid monsters; the warehouses will be overflowing with the things. Of course, they will count every one made as an actual sale.

  3. So I take it you all have had a chance to use the device before passing judgement? Yeah, I thought as much. What a choir of fanboys. Get out or your mom’s basement for a while.
    Of course is no iPad, but some folks might need windows. I am betting this thing will do all right.

    1. CJ, if you had half of the insight you profess to have, you’d understand why this is I’ll-conceived. The whole Windows pad interface sucks, there are no significant apps that aren’t available already on Android or iOS, so the whole excercise is utterly pointless. If you need true cross-platform usability, you install Parallels on a MacBook Air, and install Windows 8, Linux, and any other OS that takes your fancy and run them simultaneously.
      But of course you knew that already, you just wanted to show everyone you’re an even bigger dick than we already thought you were.

    2. Windows programs are torture to use on a tablet and the battery life is going to be awful. That’s all the information anybody needs to deem this thing a dud.

      1. While I agree that legacy mouse and keyboard apps aren’t suited to a tablet, hybrids at this size are almost certainly going to spend the majority of their time on a table like a sort of notebooks they are. This of course gives developers no reason to upgrade their apps for touch, but some may still do so for the smaller form factors.

        However, with the new Hazwell processors, they will at least be able to spend more time away from the outlet. That is what will make these hybrid monstrosities semi-mobile.

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