OS X 10.9 Mavericks will make Apple TV even better

“Apple will greatly enhance multiple monitor setups under OS X 10.9. These changes also effect the AppleTV,” Karl Johnson writes for T-GAAP.

“Apple will basically turn the AppleTV into a wireless second monitor,” Johnson writes. “With OS X 10.9 (also called Mavericks) users will be able to move windows to the AppleTV, while leaving the current monitor left for other things.”

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Johnson writes, “This greatly enhances the functionality and usefulness of the AppleTV. Instead of just an entertainment device, the AppleTV is now a powerful wireless presentation solution. Look for the AppleTV to become more popular this Fall in the business world when OS X 10.9 is released.”

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MacDailyNews Note: More info about how OS X Mavericks’ AirPlay Display will enable AirPlay and Apple TV to wirelessly turn your HDTV into a fully functional display here.


    1. Video mirroring to AppleTV and Mountain Lion only works with 2011 and newer Macs. Airparrot supported Macs older than 2011. Unless Macs older than 2011 that support Mavericks can now support mirroring and extended desktop to AppleTV I don’t see how this will impact Airparrot’s business.

      1. Wow, wouldn’t want you to be CEO of my company. 2010 and older computers aren’t sold anymore. In two years time AirParrot will have no new potential customer. That’s how it influences their business.

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