High resolution photos show iPhone 5 vs. ‘iPhone 5S’ display assemblies

“A set of high resolution images were posted to the Web late Tuesday claiming to show a side-by-side comparison of the display assemblies for Apple’s iPhone 5 and a rumored next-generation model dubbed ‘iPhone 5S,'” AppleInsider reports.

“The photos come from FanaticFone, which alleges to have gotten their hands on a sample of the iPhone 5S display assembly some months before analysts expect Apple to unveil the next-gen handset,” AppleInsider reports. “It is not clear whether the display assembly is a production model, a prototype, or merely a well-crafted mock-up.”

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AppleInsider reports, “The most obvious difference between the two components is the flex cable that feeds information and power to the panel, and touch data back to the handset.”

Read more, and see the photos, in the full article here.

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  1. As someone who knows nothing about this stuff … um … what’s the news of this story? “Alleged iPhone 5S display assembly virtually the same, with exception of one or two pieces”?

    I mean, I love chasing rumors and seeing pictures as much as the next guy, but still.

  2. I hate to agree with BLN, but if the new iPhone is same size there will be hell to pay. For the first time I will not be upgrading. You think AAPL at $427 is bad? A 4 inch phone will see it a hundred points lower. It looked like Goog 2 for one split would make.it still higherbthan AAPL, but maybe 3X is a better fit for GOOG. I am wondering if Cook has Apple buying loads of Google stock with those billions in cash. Could that be why Apple is not innovating? Taking a dive so thier Google holdings with thier tax free foreign holdings makes a fortune? Think about it, could be the plan. If they have a plan, that is.

    1. I think Apple has a better understanding as to what makes the iPhone great than anyone else. And if you like some other phone better, go buy it. Nobody is forcing you to use an iPhone.

  3. It is amazing, how many people have bought into Samsung’s marketing message “bigger is better”.

    If we look at the actual numbers, it is clear that people actally DON’T want big phones.

    Within Samsung’s own share of Android phones, large-screen devices represent barely a single-digit percentage of the market. If we include the numbers from other makers (LG, HTC and others), that percentage is even smaller. If we add to that the iPhone (and other insignificant players, such as BlackBerry, Nokia and other Win8 purveyors), the share of large-screen phones is fairly negligible and is entirely represented by geeky developers, men with large hands (or poor eyesight) and rabid Samsung fans.

    Mainstream populace simply doesn’t know how to handle a brick of a phone in their hands, and prefers a device that actually fits in their hand.

  4. I see these ultra-chic women in my area with the Note2 and they look asinine!
    I have the GS3 and it is just too big over time. The iPhone is far more comfortable.

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