Apple reportedly extending OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 testing beyond developers

“Following the announcement of major updates to both OS X and iOS, Apple has begun seeding versions of the new operating systems beyond its own engineers and third-party developers,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Beginning this week, several sources say, Apple has begun seeding the initial preview of OS X Mavericks to Genius Bar and on-floor Apple Retail employees,” Gurman reports. “This program is designed in order to gauge feedback in a more controlled environment about the major Mac OS update. Additionally, putting OS X Mavericks in the hands of Retail employees will allow the employees to become intimately familiar with the system ahead of the fall launch.”

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Gurman reports, “n addition to Retail employees, we understand that Apple has already seeded OS X Mavericks to its outside AppleSeed testing group. ”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Hey, Apple… can you say “Apple Consultants Network?” You remember, all us guys who pay you 7x what developers pay you every year, and who regularly bring new (BIG) customers to Apple?

    Remember us?

  2. A very good idea.
    Go with people who do content creation using third party software that uses its own project file structure for very good reasons that pre-date Lion.

    The developers of those software packages have huge investments in their products, as do users like me.
    The support costs for those particular developers have risen tremendously in the last 3 years due to Lion and Mountain Lion.

    “Tagging” etc, makes is sound like help may be on the way. I was never able to make Spaces work anything like what I needed.

    If Apple does a lot more external testing and doesn’t become defensive about it, this could be just what we are looking for.

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