Steve Jobs on his legacy in 1994 (with video)

“A reportedly never-before-seen video from 1994 surfaced on the Web on Tuesday, showing late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs discussing his legacy and what it means to contribute to the industry he helped shape,” AppleInsider reports.

“The interview, which comes from the Silicon Valley Historical Association, was first spotted by The Loop after YouTube channel ‘EverySteveJobsVideo’ uploaded the video on Tuesday,” AppleInsider reports. “Jobs likened his contribution as a layer of sediment in a growing mountain.”

Full article here.

[Attribution: The Loop. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. I think Steve Jobs will be remembered very long after his death. More like a Thomas Edison and such. While Ballmer has done very little to be remembered nicely,

      Note that we remember the villains also. We will always remember the guy in the black suit with the black mustache bending over the train tracks tying poor miss Nelly to the tracks. We might forget his name but he lives in infamy… LOL

      Just a thought

  1. you can sliver apart his imperfections, but Steve Jobs had a clear sense of his place in the world, the vision and taste to improve the user experience, and the charisma and confidence to disarm all but the most recalcitrant foes. I really miss him. That is not to say that Tim Cook is a slouch. Far from it. He is the best leader for Apple. He will execute and he KNOWS his strengths and will gain his own unique aesthetic. Perhaps he needs to drop acid and roam in India for a while.

  2. No, the iPhone will be remembered along with the telegraph, telephone, incandescent lighting, and television.

    I am sure of this one (even though he had yet to create it).

    Also, my iMac G4 1.25GHz still boots up and operates perfectly….

    1. iPhone will be widely remembered through history only if Apple itself will survive that long, and if it will continue this model line. Otherwise people will forget it, and only historians will know about it.

      It is hard for any company to exist that long. Even some of the best European companies that sometimes existed for Centuries, get closed and go to history classes.

      And while under Cook and those who closely worked with Jobs, know and support his philosophy behind the company, design, et cetera, will try to keep the merit of Apple as long as they can, in decades, new people might take over government of Apple and it can become another Hewlett-Packard.

      This is difference Jobs meant: painters or architects do not need themselves or their painting studios, architect bureaus to exist forever, and only need to live a painting or a building. With technology, it is not like that.

      However, Jobs has left Pixar’s works that will be in wide known history forever. Even though works are not directly his artistically, people can remember that ages ago, legendary inventor and visionary has made it possible.

      1. @ DeRS,
        Methinks that thou hast taken not into account Apple’s University! Ye Olde Skool set up by his Jobsness to foister & forment his vision to future Apple inc. leaders. So important didst he consider it that he had ye principle’s office next to his.

      2. Sorry, but I disagree. I feel that it will be remembered as THE first true multi-faceted communicator that changed forever how ALL phones will eventually operate.

        I honestly think it was that important of a breakthrough.

  3. And the dickheads in Cupertino are trying their level best to nullify Steve Jobs’ legacy by the monstrosity that is iOS 7. Steve Ballmer must be laughing in his secret lair.

    1. Wow! An anonymous coward troll post! How original! Come on Samsung! You don’t pay these trolls enough! Imagine the quality of trolling you’d get if you REALLY forked over the dough!

      Spend Samsung! Spend SPEND SPEND!

    2. Gee, you Samsung paid bloggers are relentless.

      Hint, when you call iOS 7 a piece of crap right now, how do you justify calling Samsung’s iOS 7 clone, in 6 months, the best OS ever?

        1. If you have to label a joke “a joke” or sarcasm “/s” you have to assume a very low level sense of humor or basic intelligence…sarcasm and cynicism, after all are deliberate witty expressions that are subtle and indirect.

  4. Little did Steve realize then that although he was putting down a layer on the ever increasing in size mountain of technology, he certainly didn’t put down a thin layer. His layer was massive and some day we’ll look up at that mountain and realize that it couldn’t have been a mountain without him.

    I miss you Steve.

  5. That would be like saying no one remembers, understands or is currently benefiting from what Ford or Edison did.

    (I used American examples because that is where Jobs is from)

    1. Take Ford, for instance. Their F 150 pick-up has a heated tail gate. That’s innovation. They did that heated tail gate, so that when it snowed, your hands wouldn’t get cold while you are trying to push the truck through the snow.

    1. When you wipe the snot D, bring your open palm up from your lips in one continuous motion till you reach the back or your head.

      You can then achieve the all encompassing green hair attire of a true snot head.

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