What WWDC 2013 tells us about Apple

“Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Convention is now over, but the event revealed a year’s worth of insight into what the company is doing with the Macintosh, OS X, iOS and iCloud,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“Apple made it very clear that there’s no end in sight for OS X. Anyone concerned with the company ‘running out of cats’ to code name its desktop OS versions can breathe freely knowing that Apple can effortlessly shift its naming gears,” Dilger writes. “At WWDC, Apple positioned iOS as everything the Mac isn’t: firmly in the consumer market with prices well below $1000 and loaded with flashy, exciting and fun features that dazzle and pop rather than simplify and enhance.”

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Dilger writes, “Throughout the rest of 2013, the final release of OS X Mavericks, iOS 7, iWork for iCloud and the new Mac Pro will flesh out Apple’s offerings and pave the way for new mobile devices. And when those arrive, WWDC’s developers will be ready with new apps to take full advantage of them.”

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    1. I know that you are joking, but many of the analysts probably feared that very thing…sort of an Apple/Mayan paranoia. The “X” in OS X is likely a major concern of analysts, as well.

      Why concern yourself with issues of substance when you can agonize over trifles?!

      1. The possibilities with the new naming scheme could be epic…OS X Wine Country, OS X Universal Studios, OS X Wee Britain, OS X Sea World, OS X Venice Beach, OS X Pink’s Hot Dogs, OS X Mann’s/Grumman’s Chinese Theater, OS X LAX, OS X Legoland, OS X Fisherman’s Wharf, OS X Barstow, OS X Salinas Auto Mall, and OS X The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, OS X Rancho Cucamonga. Then you have the freeways…OS X 405, OS X 15, OS X 705, OS X 105, OS X 5, and, of course OS X 10.

          1. Apple® usually doesn’t use a code-name twice for their products.. lest we forget the previous ” rel=”nofollow”>Yosemite ?

            Maybe the next incarnation of OSX will be named .. OSX “Bayshore” … or OSX “The Nimitz” … or even OSX “Junipero Serra” !

        1. I’m going on record as declaring that we’ll know development of OS X has wrapped up when the release name is “OS X Los Angeles Freeway Gridlock”

  1. Apple positions itself in so many different revenues, great products, but lacked of ADVERTISING, Apple needs to advertises more and more. Hiring a great marketers pushing their products.

    1. @ iLove
      If anybody relies on you for advice, then they have my emphatic sympathy!
      Reading your post has left me with the makings of a migraine because I cannot beggar belief in your thinking or articulation of it.
      Please, either go back to school and learn a heck of a lot more, or crawl back into the primordial pool you emerged from.
      I say that with kindness and sympathy towards you.

      1. Have a little compassion. iLove appears to be struggling with English as a second language. Relatively few Americans could do so well in attempting to communicate in a different language. Lots of Americans struggle with English as a primary language.

        Translation for Crabby: Apple makes lots of great products, but does not advertise enough. Apple should hire a world-class marketing firm to push its products.

        1. Unless I am wrong, and that is a possibility, Apples website is its first portal for advertising its own products.
          iTunes is another huge portal for said activity and finally and not in the least, all the Apple related blog sites by either pro or con Applelites are dedicated to Apple products.
          Why should Apple pay an advertising agency to do what it, and several other websites are already doing very successfully?

          1. Because Apple wants to target more than just people who already own Apple products? Seriously!?! You mention Apple’s website, iTunes and fickle blog websites, and think Apple should be done with advertising?

            You are indeed WRONG! Don’t try to correct others if this is what you truly believe… I am saying this with “kindness and sympathy towards” YOU.

            1. Thank You correctu. I wonder if we still remember how much free press coverage Apple gets when it launches new products or even when it convenes something like the WWDC. Do you not think that all that free coverage does not constitute advertising in its finest form? people learn what Apple is all about including its rivals, people react to what they have learnt including its rivals, and then people either react for, or against Apple incs. products. And that is even before launches its own multimedia adverts of which we are now all too familiar with.
              Is that not enough advertising? Do they have to buy all the advertising space on all media channels to achieve satisfactory saturation levels of advertising?
              If Apple inc. advertised anymore, we would all accuse them of reacting to Samsung’s advertising which we know is more than twice Apple incs. budget and yet is not gaining traction for Samsung?
              This argument is more akin to Apple not spending as much in R&D compared to its rivals and yet seemingly producing blockbuster after blockbuster of products compared to its rivals.
              When can we judge that enough is enough? Who does the judging?
              I dare say that we are all too familiar with the shenanigans of Apple inc. despite high or low advertising levels depending on which angle of the argument you are approaching the issue.
              Did I need to articulate my argument for everyone to know which angle I was approaching this argument?

            2. ” Thank You correctu. I wonder if we still remember how much free press coverage Apple gets when it launches new products or even when it convenes something like the WWDC. Do you not think that all that free coverage does not constitute advertising in its finest form?”

              Sure it’s great advertising for technology fans who seek it. This will NOT help the average joe. Generalizing the population as technically literate is your error… that’s why Samsung is able to sell their stuff even though it’s not as good as Apple’s tech.

              “Is that not enough advertising?”

              No, it isn’t.

              “Do they have to buy all the advertising space on all media channels to achieve satisfactory saturation levels of advertising?”

              Not ALL advertising space. But, yes, they do need to advertise on media channels. The technologically illiterate hang out there.

              “If Apple inc. advertised anymore, we would all accuse them of reacting to Samsung’s advertising which we know is more than twice Apple incs. budget and yet is not gaining traction for Samsung?”

              No, we woudn’t! LOL! Apple doesn’t have to do a smear campaign like Samsung. But, they DO need to advertise to people who aren’t tech fans like us. Does that make sense? Not everyone looks up tech news on blogs, or watch Apple keynotes. These people are what media advertising is for.

              “Did I need to articulate my argument for everyone to know which angle I was approaching this argument?”

              No. Your argument is errant, so articulation doesn’t help.

            3. Except that advertising has done wonders for Samsung over the last year and allowed them–despite the shortcomings of their giant toy phones–to take a solid chunk of the smartphone market’s profits AND grab up market share. If not for Samsung’s advertising campaigns, it’s possible that they’d be in the same spot as HTC and the other also-rans of the Android world.

              Not to mention that the vast majority of the “free advertising” Apple has received over the last, oh, eight months has been overwhelmingly negative. You can throw the old cliché “there’s no such thing as bad press” in my face, but it’s nothing more than that: an old, tired saying with limited attachment to reality.

              Nobody is saying spam the airwaves and cover every billboard. But Apple’s previous iPad ad campaign fizzled (okay, it was nearly universally panned), and the current classy ad campaign has none of the stickiness of the Samsung or Microsoft ads. If it doesn’t actually leap out at people and stick in their minds and get them to go out and BUY, what good is it? Right now, as much as I love the new Apple ads, the only reaction I have is: “Oh, that’s nice.”

              I’d say better Apple control its OWN image than let the narrative be spun by ignorant analysts. Yes, we “know too much” about the workings of Apple–and half of what we “know” is fabricated by pontificating pundits and politicians pushing their own agendas.

              All that “reality distortion field” crap people talk about with regards to Steve Jobs and Apple? It’s completely reversed after his death, and Apple should do something to change that.

      2. Don’t you just love people who get their jollies off of verbally assaulting strangers on the internet, attacking them personally rather than making the effort to respond to their ideas? Such big shots, they are!

        In response to iLove’s post: I agree that Apple should step up their advertising. They’ve definitely started moving in the right direction with their classy ads that show how their products affect people’s lives. But I do think they need to step it up a few more notches, too.

        1. You think? Apply for a job at Apple then. Thinking is a free activity that requires no physical effort as compared to doing. Apple inc. does both! Do you?

          1. I have to admit you’re right on this issue: it’s one thing to think, and it’s another to do. And unfortunately, the best I can do is tell you that I think Apple’s current advertising isn’t doing the trick, because rather than making me want to buy their products (which I love), all it does is make me say, “Oh, that’s nice.”

            Coming up with a suitable expansion on their advertising campaign is not something that I could reasonably do. All I can do, much like yourself, is discuss it on the internet. But unlike you, I do not feel the need to bully people on the internet because they express an opinion.

            Think about that.

            1. Followed your advise & thought about it.
              The smallest company by pc market share is also the largest market capped company in the world!
              The company that is not chasing market share is the company with the largest profit margins compared to other competitors in its field.
              The company that chooses to target its advertising to non users of its products has the largest new customer base or conversion factor.
              The company that is neither a credit card company or a bank has the largest number of active credit holders as compared to banks and credit card companies!
              Lets not even talk about the hard cash in the bank!
              So what more do you want them to do in order to satisfy you? Preach to the converted?

  2. This is a great example of a “so what?” story. The company is still in business. We already knew that. We were hoping for something that would excite the consumer and give confidence to the investor that the “great products in the pipeline” were, in fact, great. Sorry, no such thing happened. As a result, the AAPL collapse has resulted in a greater likely that we would have a $300 stock instead of a rising price and Apple Inc. will keep on selling lots of gadgets and maybe a few new supercharged Mac Pro machines. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

    No, the picture we really, really need to see is Tim Cook giving his going away speech at his retirement party. Then, and only then, will hope return to the once great company.

    1. Dude you should really read the article. There’s a lot more to it than MDNs introduction.

      You should know by now that the stock price has nothing to do with Apple’s performance and your pathetic call to Cook’s retirement clearly show you do not know what you are talking about.

  3. …that Apple is lost.

    iOS 7 is evidence of it. Just a few tweaks that Android users had for years and a HIDIOUS design, replacing what Steve Jobs has built.

    None of the stuff that users have been begging for years.


    1. I sure hope you enjoy your new Android device, running the latest mobile anti-virus software.

      For me, (an actual, working graphic designer) iOS7 and the rest is exciting stuff. ESPECIALLY from a design standpoint.

      Remember, this stuff is still in BETA.

    2. @Jay Morrison & Macman,
      My post to iLove applies to you too!!!
      So called “Users” have not been stopped or prevented from creating their own stuff that they are seemingly begging for for years so what is your point?
      Users who have created their own stuff are called developers. Apple inc. goes a long way to create development kits to enable them to create their own stuff. Apple inc. does not have the time to cater for plebs such as yourselves, if that is what you are after, then the right forum for you is called Android. It is to be found wherever there is a primordial pool, curating or fencing off the pool to prevent intelligent life from evolving and leaving the pool.

  4. Apple took away the best loved iOS design that sold 600 million devices and had survived 6 evolutions, 5 of them under Steve Jobs, pretty much intact and gave us a piece of shit called iOS 7 which looks like it was designed by a retard.

    1. The iOS looks different that doesn’t mean it has completely changed. It has evolved. I’ve been lucky to be able to play with iOS7 and am finding as intuitive as the previous incarnations. There are some bugs in the beat (which are to be expected) that need to be worked out and some design bits that need to be tightened up but as far as a beta version goes it works quite well. The new features work great. I was hesitant about it do to the look I’ve seen online but after playing with it for a couple days it is a step forward and it opens up for even more possibilities.

      Have patience and trust that Apple knows what it’s doing. Many said the same things when Apple moved from os9 to OSX and when the iPhone was introduced along with the iPad.

    2. People buy Apple because “it just works easily”, “they last a long time”, “no malware problems to date”, “software upgrades are easy”, “I don’t have to buy MS Office as I get my work done faster with iWork” and “my calendars & contacts are on all my devices”.

      People buy functionality first. That is why you don’t see 6 colors of iPhone or iMacs.

      Only in Hollywood do people buy based on looks (though Apple’s products surely match or exceed a lot of their competitors.)

      UI designers will argue constantly because that is “their field”, but the rest of us just want to get our work done…& fast. We do on Apple hardware.

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