Apple redesigns widely criticized iOS 7 app icons

“Apple iOS 7 is still in beta, and some or all of its visual cues (and even features) could alter before its official launch in autumn. But that hasn’t stopped critics from wading in with trenchant criticism of Apple’s new mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad,” David Price reports for Macworld UK. “n fact, minor changes to the look of Apple’s own app icons in iOS 7 have already been made, if images temporarily (and probably mistakenly) shown on Apple’s website are any indication.”

9to5Mac noticed that four of the iOS 7 icons – Weather, Reminders, Passbook and Newsstand – were different on Apple’s website (for a while) to the ones shown off at WWDC last week,” Price reports. “In the main these were small tweaks to the colour palette. Newsstand has a grey background instead of white, Passbook’s lower third is a light green instead of orange, and the four dots on the Reminders icon are all different colours. Only Weather has changed significantly, with an entirely new design that shows the temperature replacing the cloud and sun of last Monday.”

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Price reports, “(9to5Mac reports that the altered icons have since been taken down.) Small changes indeed – if indeed these are genuine changes we can expect in the beta, rather than old designs that someone mistakenly put on the site for a while. Still, coming barely a week after the grand unveiling, these serve as a handy reminder that the design is not finished, and that the cosmetic details which criticism has often focused on remain a work in progress.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, and it’s only beta 1. Much remains a work in progress. It’s not for public consumption and things like icons, colors, etc. shouldn’t be criticized as if it’s a shipping product. (And, boy, with each passing day we’re loving the way it works more and more! The layers, the zooming, the flow of the UI, etc. – it’s all for the better. It’s making us reach for our iOS 7 beta 1 iPhones over all other non-iOS 7 iPhones and iPads.

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        1. Just as I said to webstyr, there is something amiss with your phone. I would think you are correct; you should take it in and have it fixed.
          Even with LTE on (which is always on) I easily get all day service with battery to spare (and that os with many hours of internet use & talk time during the day)

          1. No, they are correct, although exaggerating a bit. Battery life in beta1 IS really bad, It doesn’t only last a few hours, but it drops quickly.

            Of course, this IS beta1, so it is to be expected. This will be optimized in later builds. The initial dev build of iOS6 also drained my battery very quickly. Nothing to worry about.

      1. Ditto that,
        I am constantly amazed with how long the runtime is on the 5.
        You should drop by an Apple store and have a genus look at it as something is very wrong, either in configuration or hardware (or you are running an app that logs your GPS position every thirty seconds)

    1. try a hard reset; also, check your settings regarding cellular. I had the same issues upon downloading last week, but after the reset, it seems fine.I still have a bit more usage according to system status, but this seems to be in keeping my screens open for calendar, messages, and for music. hope this helps

    2. As for BATTERY LIFE, I read in iCafe that if you run your battery down completely and then recharge it will recalibrate. It is worth a try. I’ll stay with iOS 6 till the time is right.

    3. Turn off Bluetooth and take a hard look at push notifications and location services. Nine out of ten times, people like you who whine incessantly about battery drain are your own worst enemy. If you don’t need a cellular or wifi connection at any given time, turn it off. Either will drain a battery quickly if they are left to ping for a signal that you might not need.

      Problem solved. Next stupid question.

    4. Okay, this is an odd one. I just popped back into the dev forums to see if there were any updates on the battery life issue, and it turns out that there is an issue with the itunesstored process. I just checked my iPhone 5, and it was using ~90% CPU in standby. That will certainly drain your battery.

      What’s weird is what people are saying fixes it – change the language on your device and then switch back to your primary language. People are claiming that this causes itunesstored to behave. I just toggled mine, so will give it a day and see if it helps.

      1. @ Gordon,
        Sorry, changing languages does’t solve the problem.
        If you open iTunes & App Stores in prefs the process starts again and stays at ~90%….
        Really waiting for beta2 to fix this…..

    1. It’s growing on me, and i’m loving the split scrolling feature when i double click my home button. the top pages for the icons goes slow enough to recognize, while scrolling the bottom icons, all moves very fast, letting me get through several pages of icons rapidly. the new lo gin with the larger icons is getting nicer to look at, and photos being separated by events (Moments), by year, and also the album option is very nice.

  1. Brilliant ! By showcasing the beta with Android-like icons sporting awful colors, Apple is keeping the final designs under wraps till the day of iOS7 release.

    That’ll prevent any attempts from Samsung and the likes to introduce those themes into their own devices.

    1. Just goes to show us all how important apple is and how important it is that Apple continues to thrive! Attention to detail and quality design is all we have in this crazy messed up fragmented world… and Apple does listen to the critics, they are important.

    2. The frigtards whining the most about this are from Gizmodo and Business Insider. And we’re surprised? Consider the source of the complaints.

      I would ask them to come up with something better, but you would only hear crickets. Their self-anointed task is to beat down what they neither appreciate nor understand.

  2. I can’t wait for beta 2! Hopefully the email “search on server” won’t crash!

    Sometimes a bit too much “removal of borders” makes it confusing, and some of the icon and region colors do need adjustments, but so far so good.

    Albeit a little clunky on my 4S. Sure to improve,,,

    1. Hey wait a sec… a couple posts up you claimed you had a iPhone 5
      You know that’s how most people get tripped up, you have to remember and stick with your story. 😉

      1. Hmmm.. I don’t see anywhere in his pots where he says he has a 5. I realize he is responding to someone who is complaining about their 5 with an explanation that iOS7 Beta 1 is running hot and churning through battery.

  3. And I’ll bet the usual dimwits like BLN wil be whining like the little girls they are that Apple has destroyed their lives because of the perceived appalling mess that is iOS 7.
    Bloody idiots.

  4. Apple Insider just posted a truely wonderful article I think and I found on the second page it really helped put a lot of critics in their place saying “it’s too android” – I thought this was a great optimistic read that changed my perspective and thoughts of the recent redesign.

    What WWDC 2013 tells us about Apple

  5. While Apple gets an A+ for functionality of iOS 7, I still cringe when I see the color palette of the new UI. I feel like I’m using my 12 yo daughters phone. I see no reason we couldn’t have an option of different palettes without losing any functionality.

  6. “It’s not for public consumption and things like icons, colors, etc. shouldn’t be criticized as if it’s a shipping product.

    It’s not being criticized as if it were a shipping product—it’s being criticized because it stinks! It’s called “feedback”; and hopefully Apple will take it to heart and ditch the fruit-flavored fluff.

  7. MDN’S TAKE… “(And, boy, with each passing day we’re loving the way it works more and more! The layers, the zooming, the flow of the UI, etc. – it’s all for the better.”

    When iOS 7 was first introduced at WWDC, I posted that I was holding judgement and critical critique until I could see it in person, not being a developer with a BETA copy to put on a iPhone that I have yet to have. But, my Safari home screen is Apple’s start page and each day I see the new iOS when I open Safari and after previewing the Keynote a few more times watching the iOS 7 introduction, I must admit, the new look is beginning to grow on me… even some of the home screen icons that I didn’t think were too flattering is becoming a little easier on the eyes. Of course, there probably will be modifications before the final release, but by that time I will have viewed it on my web home page and watched the keynote a few more times and will most definitely be a convert. Sure, all those colors may make it look like a phone for a 12 year old girl, but at least we now know what one of those colorful banners was about. Remember when the iMac came out in all those colors and what happened… The PC world started adding a little more ‘color’ to their beige boxes. Who wants to bet that Android and Windows Phone may sport a simpler flatter colorful look in the upcoming years after Apple’s iOS 7 takes off! Good job Apple, Sir Jony, Craig and team!

  8. I don’t have the beta, but I like most of what I’ve seen so far. If I could ask Sir Jony to change some things I’d say
    – The settings icon (ugly!)
    – The brightness of the control centre background (I prefer the darker notification centre)
    – Get rid of all yellow text on white backgrounds!
    You can’t please everyone though, the original look of iOS was never put under the same ace unity because at the time there was almost nothing to compare it to.

  9. Apple (Jonny Ive) said it in the introductory video ‘When something is designed to work beautifully, it tends to look that way too.’. All of the naysayers have been putting all their focus on the second part of the statement, ignoring the first. But at the end of day, the look and feel are the easy part to change or update, it’s the ‘how it works’ part that matters the most.

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