Why is Apple upgrading its entire ecosystem this autumn?

“Apple appears on course for a major fall upgrade across its ecosystem with Reuters adding fuel to this speculation with reports the company also plans an autumn launch of a $99 iPhone available in multiple colors,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Reuters also claims Apple is considering introduction of larger screen iPhones and has begun testing 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch models.”

“However, unlike competing devices the company seems able to promise an identical user experience across all displays, with WWDC attendees currently learning about new features in Xcode and iOS 7 which should make it far easier to deliver consistent user interfaces across different resolution displays — an essential step as it moves to app support in future large screen devices,” Evans writes. “With today’s claims in mind it might be interesting to reflect on just what products Apple is expected to ship this coming fall…”

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    1. Yes. Not that the article isn’t informative to the average person but for anyone here we already understand that you have to upgrade your operating system even if you’re not Apple. And Apple is going to keep that walled fort impenetrable from the outside. So they want to make sure that everything they sell works inside the fort. Outside the fort are heard the screams of zombies using Android phones.

  1. Does he mean like the way Apple updated most of its lineup last fall too?

    Apple updates it products when it has the next product ready to go. Typically that is on a 1 year cycle for mobile devices, but can be more or less (not usual, but can happen). This is why Apple dropped Macworld, because it felt pressured to release a new produce every year at the same time.

  2. There were a lot of changes and disruptions at Apple after Steve Jobs’ departure and an equalibrium may have finally happened with product development.

  3. “with WWDC attendees currently learning about new features in Xcode and iOS 7 which should make it far easier to deliver consistent user interfaces across different resolution displays”

    The constant barrage of “why doesn’t Apple make an iPhone with a X” screen?!?!” was easily answered by the fact that Apple was going to do it right, rather than just pumping out a piece of shizzle. One critical thing has been the same user experience on each size screen without compromise. It appears Apple has been working on a solution.

  4. Why does anyone assume that Reuters is even remotely right about anything? Their article about larger screens and colors is more than likely made up of whole cloth for hits.

  5. The key to understanding when Apple is going to do a wholesale upgrade to the entire ecosystem is to look for a game-changer. This time that element is the new Wi-Fi standard. All Apple devices depend on wireless technologies. The new MacBook Air includes 802.11ac standard. They also introduced new Time Capsules and AirPorts with the the new standard. All new Apple products will be moving to it.

    I just bought a new Time Capsule and I will be replacing my other Apple equipment in the next 1-18 months! I have some Apple TVs, some AirPort Expresses, some iPads and iPhones and even 3 computers to sell soon!

    1. I have the Apple TV 2, looking for an Apple TV 3 if you got one. What comps do you have to sell as well? I already have a ipad mini, a bricked Time Capsule, which i am glad i didnt replace yet, with this new one coming out. An aging but still reliable last of the 17″ macbook pro, a dead (killed by lightning storm) dual 2.7 16 gig powermac g5, which I am also glad I didnt service so as I can save for that the new black beauty Mac Pro. My 27″ imac with 32 gigs of ramjet ram I can power down and unplug from a dead sleep as soon I hear thunder in the middle of the night.

      So if you are willing to sell or trade, I am looking to buy/trade. I would like to fix my time capsule, i wonder if Ifixit has a tear down…hmmm

      1. ifixit does have a Time Capsule teardown with people commenting on adding the 3TB drive instead of the 1TB or 2TB (which I have), can always upgrade that use that extra 1TB on board..

  6. I for one do not want an iPhone with bigger screen than the 4″ iPhone 5 size and res. I’ve also read neither do 90% of the rest of the users. In fact many don’t even want 4″ screens. What I’m praying for most of all is the MDN App optimized for iPhone 5 sometime before Christmas. 😀

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