New Apple video describes what goes into creating each Apple product (with video)

Apple’s new video, “Designed By Apple – Intention” features simple phrases paired with elegant visuals that describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each Apple product.

if everyone
is busy making everything
how can anyone perfect anything?

we start to confuse convenience with joy
abundance with choice.

designing something requires focus
the first thing we ask is
what do we want people to feel?

delight, surprise, love, connection

then we begin to craft around our intention

it takes time…
there are a thousand no’s for every yes.

we simplify
we perfect
we start over
until everything we touch enhances each life it touches

only then do we sign our work
Designed by Apple in California

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    1. Agree.

      But notice that Apple did not use simply white background; it was paper-like tint. And the font was not thin at all.

      Basically this advertisement is made according to iOS 6 visual standard, not iOS 7.

      1. No felt, no linen and no wood were used in the making of this video,

        I think you are trying to make a tenuous point that isn’t there to be made. I don’t see OS7 introducing only white and primary colors.

        1. Paper was used in the making of this video, and fonts are firm. So the point is perfectly obvious; the advertisement is out of synch with iOS 7 design language.

  1. This was an absolutely fantastic way to open WWDC. In fact I think they should release this as an advertisement. I think it’s better than the Designed by Apple in California piece they did release as an ad.

  2. This WWDC is one of the best ones. Hope all the so-called analyst would now learn to shut up about why Apple doesn’t release new products every month or something.

    Great video!

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