Analyst: Apple’s iWatch ‘increasingly likely’ for second-half 2013 launch

“Consumers eyeing an Apple iWatch could see one on their wrist sometime in the second half of the year,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET. “Apple is expected to give the signal to the supply chain this month to start cooking up components for the much-rumored iWatch, says Citi’s Glen Yeung.”

“With parts suppliers ready to kick off production, the analyst sees a second-half launch as ‘increasingly likely’ for Apple’s high-tech watch,” Whitney reports. “‘We believe iWatch is in a greater state of readiness, with the supply chain now waiting for the production go-ahead from Apple,’ Yeung said in an investors note released today.”

Whitney reports, “A story from Bloomberg said that the iWatch is slated to roll out as soon as this year.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I predict a magnetic bad with sensors on the inside and outside of the wrist. The hardware will be oval. Bands will be Bluetooth devices for the left hand or for the right. The hardware slips right into them. It will be insanely thin and a wider oval than most expect. API’s will be released with it, but it will be prarily a ‘mirror’ device that sends or receives info, not a device people are expected to spend extended periods of time interacttng with (that is, at once, like you do with games on iPhone). It will start out at $329 and $429, differentiated more by style than function. Available October, 2013. Debuted at WWDC.

  2. i think the whole idea of a watch is an idea that is pushing itself along . I do not see the value of yet another layer of connectivity on my wrist i certainly would not lay out 400 bucks just to be able to have limited access to the phone in my pocket . this would be a gadget for gadgets sake and i really believe apple is smarter than to create such an ill conceived object . my fellow apple heads your obviously bored and need to reevaluate your priorities. Cook in his interview said the watch idea was not developed enough to really interest him YET you want something to worry about pray Ives does not turn our phones into a copy of windows

  3. I just received my Pebble yesterday. Given what it does, I think it’s a great piece of gadgetry. Of course I expect Apple’s implementation will put Pebble to shame, and I’ll likely be looking for a buyer for my Pebble when the iWatch comes out. I don’t understand why so many think this is a waste of time. I find it very useful.

    1. I just watched the pebble kickstarter presentation. I have to say it is very impressive.
      One question about bluetooth connectivity. Can you have multiple devices connected? I run with a bluetooth headphone which is great. However I tried to also use a heart rate monitor but only one device can be connected at a time.

  4. I’ve heard that most people don’t wear watches anymore. I do, but I’d consider myself an exception. My Casio Waveceptor G-Shock Solar wears like iron, never needs attention, it’s completely waterproof and the battery never needs changing. I keep my cellphone in a holster and can’t be bother whipping it out to tell the time. Many times I can’t even read the cellphone display because it washes out in sunlight. I honestly can’t see some iWatch having wide appeal to consumers especially if it requires another Apple product to make it fully functional.

    I hope I’m wrong and Apple sells ten million of them the first year, but I really can’t imagine what an Apple watch would offer to the masses to the point where they’d go out and buy one, say for even a price of $150. I love gadgets but… I think Apple already has enough mobile gadgets that cover just about everything already. Unless I’m really missing the ways it can be used, it seems like an answer to a question no one has asked.

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