New iMac at WWDC? Best Buy blows out current iMac stock at discount

“Add the iMac to the list of Apple hardware products which may see revision or revamping at next week’s Apple WWDC,” Phil Moore reports for Stabley Times.

“Best Buy is blowing out its stock of the current low end iMac model at a $150 discount, though only for a day, as part of its daily deal offers,” Moore reports. “Most of the devices on the discount list are budget PC models or commoditized accessories, the 21 inch iMac model with eight gigabytes of RAM and a one terabyte hard drive is inconspicuously tucked away in the middle of the list, priced at $1149 instead of its usual $1299 price point.”

Advertisement: Amazon: Apple iMac MD093LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop (NEWEST MODEL) $1,248.99 . Apple iMac MD096LL/A 27-Inch Desktop (NEWEST MODEL) $1,948.99

Moore reports, “The move follows Amazon’s reduction of the iMac model’s price to $1248.”

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  1. As long as they don’t add some super amazing new feature to it. I had to upgrade mine recently and whilst you always expect models to be superseded, it’s always annoying to have it massively improved right after you’ve spent a lot of money. Unfortunately (despite the letters) Apple don’t tend to cater their product launch cycles to my purchasing schedule.

    1. … having bought the biggest-buffest a couple of months ago. Still, I over-bought. Figured it may be replaced by a better model, but I’d STILL have a better model than I needed. So … no problem, eh?
      I just couldn’t wait any longer for an updates Mac Pro. Still … annoying.

  2. Not sure if that is the case; Apple only started shipping those iMacs early this year, despite introduction as early as October. Though minor upgrade is possible, of course.

    1. With IBM’s Haswell chips ready for full production, 802.11 ac capability coming soon, and Thunderbolt 2 on the immediate horizon what other minor improvements would you expect?

      1. You mean Intel’ Haswell?

        If all of this will be ready and be included in the update, then it is not quite minor (though not major either as the screen and hardware design will be the same).

  3. The issues that delayed the iMacs last fall and winter had virtually nothing to do with the motherboard or CPU/GPU components on it. Thus Apple *could* do a motherboard replacement with updated CPUs and GPUs and ship a new iMac rather easily. The issue then will be availability of those CPUs and GPUs since they’ve worked out virtually everything else.

    While Apple does not typically do a motherboard only upgrade on iMacs they have repeatedly done so on other elements of the Mac line. Thus it *could* happen.

    Will it happen? We’ll find out next wee.


      From Wikipedia:

      Beginning in 2002, WWDC became a place for hardware announcements. In 2002 Apple announced the rack mounted server Xserve, in 2003 the consumer-oriented iSight and the Power Mac G5, in 2004 the redesigned Apple Cinema Displays, in 2005 the transition of Apple computers from IBM’s PowerPC microprocessor line to Intel’s line of x86 processors, and in 2006 the Xeon-based Mac Pro and Xserve.

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